How much will cost delivery in Ukraine after medical reform

In Ukraine the medicine is free. Birth including. But in reality, in municipal hospitals to pay for everything from supplies and medicine to stay in the house. Only remained free doctor consultation. For the rest you have to pay informally either to charities hospitals. The Ministry of health to draft medical reform plans to determine what to pay the state. How much will cost delivery in Ukraine after the reform, recognize the website “Today”.

The (UN)paid labor

“The two salaries. Birth cost me two paychecks. It’s $ 400. My husband started to collect the money immediately when I found out about the pregnancy. Gave birth in the Kherson hospital. The pregnancy was difficult, so I was put in the chamber two weeks before the due date. Every day the nurse brought a list of supplies and leave. It was such a score. For absolutely everything – from gloves to various analyses. The doctor, obstetrician, anesthesiologist all asked for a certain amount. The money that I had, was not enough. I was lying in bed crying, had to borrow from friends. No check and no document was not given to me” – says Larissa Danilchenko.

The hospital officially does not take money. The patient voluntarily gives them to charity hospitals or doctor “in gratitude”. The forums are pregnant discuss how much it costs to give birth in a particular hospital who need to pay. But discussions on how to deal with extortion or not to pay, is not.

At the same time, article 49 of the Constitution of Ukraine guarantees free medical care. For refusing to treat or extorting money from the patient’s doctor can put behind bars. Under article 184 of the Criminal code for violation of the right to free medical care is threatened by a fine of 170 UAH for up to six months of arrest.

“The government promises citizens free medicine. This is spelled out in article 49 of the Constitution. Yet there is an article 95 of the Constitution. She says that medicine is funded under the existing budget. The state gives doctors a salary of 3,200 hryvnia and throws them on their promises. What should the physician do? He can heal and hope that he will be rewarded or medic will charge for their services”, – says the head of the healthcare group of the Reanimation package of reforms Alexander Yabchenko.

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That will change medifarma

Childbirth will be free, assure of Ministry of health. Delivery payments are guaranteed from the state budget, said in reformist bill No. 6327. The project introduces the package of free medical services guaranteed by the state. Each year, the Parliament will reconsider what services for Ukrainians will be free. If earlier the health Ministry planned to introduce partial payment of medical services, it is now the norm of the bill was removed.

In Ukraine will change the funding mechanism of hospitals. Photo: Archive

In the reform of the Ministry of health wants to transfer the hospital to a new form of financing. Health facilities will receive money from the state for the services they rendered to the patients. Reform will start working in 2019. Next year, reform will be tested through pilot projects. To pay hospitals is the national health service. Rates for all medical services across the country will be the same. One of the first “pilots” will be the payment for childbirth, maternity hospitals.

“Reform that the government is moving away from empty promises and moves to specifics – guaranteed package of medical services. In the framework of this package will be free birth. Hospitals, in turn, will begin to compete for patient – where will people there, the government would send the money. This is the principle of “money follows the patient”. Reform finally will define clear rules of the game. That is what pays the state, which is included in the guaranteed package, as doctors are rewarded. To say flatly that reform will destroy the informal payments for treatment impossible. There is simply no mechanisms to prohibit giving money. But she minimizes her”, – says Alexander Yabchenko.

These changes began to work, the MPs should adopt the bill No. 6327.