What kind of products need to forget the women after 30 years

Renowned dermatologist Annie Kay said that the list of our purchases in the supermarket should be changed as often as our age. And we totally agree with her!

Experts say that with age, changing metabolism, and writes “Home”. This means that upon the occurrence of certain age every woman should reconsider your diet – include foods rich in nutrients, and to abandon those that have a negative impact not only on the figure, and the General state of health.

The American edition of My Domaine interviewed leading nutritionists and specialists in the field of healthy nutrition, to highlight the 5 foods that must be avoided after 30 years – especially women.


After 30 years, nutritionists recommend to reduce sugar intake as it provokes inflammation and also damage the fibers of collagen and elastin that keep our skin young and elastic. Moreover, it is important to abandon the use not only pure sugar, but also “hidden” which is found in many foods, sometimes the most unexpected.


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Condiments and sauces

Experts recommend to eliminate from the diet consumption of sauces such as ketchup and mayonnaise, as well as carefully choose the seasoning: they should not contain flavor enhancers or artificial flavors. The best solution would be to replace the harmful sauces and seasonings organic spices such as cumin or turmeric. The first option helps digestion, the second – has anti-inflammatory properties


After 30, women need to reduce the consumption of gluten and completely eliminate from the diet of pasta. The fact that in order to digest gluten, our body consumes a lot of energy. Also gluten is sometimes badly perceived by the intestine, leaving a feeling of usbtest.

Diet drinks

Nutritionists continue to say that diet drinks are extremely unhealthy. According to nutritionist Tricia Williams, they force our body to experience stress: when we eat this drink, our brain perceives it as a sweet, and then produces insulin to metabolize sugar, which is actually not.

White bread and pastries

If the bread is not whole grain, it should not be consumed. When eating white bread and baking the body turns refined carbohydrates into sugar and then into glucose, and damage the collagen, which fights against wrinkles. If you can’t live without breads and pastries, choose only whole grains.