Russian call trump: hard contract

A few days before his inauguration, Donald trump (Donald Trump) declared the Treaty with Russia, where the focus should be on bilateral reductions of nuclear weapons in exchange for the issue of Ukraine. But the Russians did not go for it.

And now Donald trump became President. During the period before the inauguration of the trump emphasized that he will improve relations with Russia through a “contract”. We can assume that this Treaty, in particular, should resolve the issue with the situation in the East of Ukraine, contain some form of acceptance that Crimea belongs to Russia, and generally improve Russian-American relations. Looks a difficult task. And so it is.

Trump actually took the initiative of this Treaty a few days before his inauguration. He put forward a proposal for mutual reductions in nuclear weapons, in exchange for the issue of Ukraine. The Russian response shows how hard it will be for trump to make “contract” with Putin. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov quickly responded by welcoming this proposal, and expressed Russia’s willingness to “dialogue” about nuclear weapons. For Lavrov, however, it would be natural that such talks were included and supersonic weapons, U.S. missile defense and space capabilities. It means the same thing as saying “no, thanks”.

Key areas

Space, missile defence and supersonic weapons — a key region in the development of American military technology. So the Pentagon is sceptical of further contractual limitations. Yes, and the trump emphasized the importance of missile defense. Expanding the subject, Lavrov makes it difficult to trump the preparation of such an agreement.

Europeans want to do the same. Although some European capitals muttering about the lifting of sanctions, in Europe there is no unity in the question of repeal. At the same time, there are different opinions about the sanctions regime and on the agreement with Russia’s actions in Ukraine. There are European countries that see a fundamental political interest that was paid the actual price for the annexation of the sovereign territory of another country, and preferably so high that it did not pay off.

This is one reason why Europe wants to raise objections against this Russian-American Treaty. The second reason is actually the idea that Russia and the United States can enter into treaties on European security through the head of most of Europe.

A difficult fight in Washington

During the cold war, the two poles, the US and the USSR, in addition to nuclear war, caused the greatest fear in Europe. Today those fears in the West have become, maybe less, but in Eastern Europe of any us-Russian Treaty on Ukraine is regarded as a new Yalta. And policies of the Eastern European countries, which, in particular, support Germany, I will try to do a lot to avoid such a development. So does Ukraine.

Donald trump in Washington, too, will be a tough fight. The American political establishment, including Ministers of defense and foreign Affairs trump, very skeptical about Putin’s Russia. Where to trump the question was whether to choose Russia for the most part, politicians in Washington it was about the choice of values and allies that was the basis of American foreign policy since the Second world war.

For trump’s agreement with Putin will be a difficult project, when it will approve in his own administration and in Congress.

In addition, this heavy contract is in danger of becoming a disappointment to the trump. Trump is the third consecutive American President who is trying to carry out Russian policy, which should lead to better relations with Putin and Russia through pragmatic cooperation. Both Bush and Obama disappointed.

In both cases a pragmatic rapprochement ended with the ill-conceived American policy and Russian use of military force in Europe. We can hope that God will not love such a Trinity.