How to take care of the tattoo, so it does not cause allergies and even cancer

The world is experiencing a boom in the tattoo. They become harder and sometimes look like a work of art. But that tattoo was really a decoration and not caused problems, it is important to know the nuances. On them we talked to the experts.


  • Tetyana Kobets, MD, dermatologist, cosmetologist, head of cosmetology centre “Kimed”
  • Denis Bachinsky, master tattoo Studio “Planeta Tattoo”


On ink may have an allergic reaction: possible redness, swelling, swelling, and itching of the area on which the tattoo. Allergic immediate-type — like “frankenfood”: is the master “prick” several times, as there is instant reaction. And there are Allergy delayed type symptoms within a few days.

HOW TO AVOID IT? To do the test for an allergic reaction is impossible. Even if you stuffed a point to see how the body reacts, the result will not be 100 percent, because microwedge of the drug and driving large zone — two different things. So you have to hope that the body will not “protest”. If the Allergy arose — appointed antihistamines, and often all the symptoms are. Very rare is that person is full of intolerance, then we need to get rid of tattoos or tattooing.

“The most allergen — shades of red, and the hypoallergenic black color tattoo — says Denis Bachinsky. — Though many fear black because of the content of microparticles of iron: there is a myth that if you do an MRI, the tattoo area will become inflamed. But this is not true: the black paint is so little iron that it has no effect on the body.”


When getting your tattoo or tattooing, you can catch AIDS, hepatitis C, tetanus, and staph, strep and other infections. Bacteria can enter directly in the drawing if the master does not comply with the rules of sterility. Also the infection can be recorded even the next day, because you just stuffed a tattoo is an open wound that is long healed. If it is not looked after properly, it could be infected.

HOW TO AVOID IT? All the above problems can be avoided if you follow the sterility. “Go over to the tattoo parlour for a tour and ask to see the workplace of the master, says Denis Bachinsky. It should be all wrapped up in plastic that gets thrown out after each client. Necessarily the required means for disinfecting hands, and the tattoo master must carefully follow the rules of hygiene (clean hair, wash hands). All the instruments, needles, gloves and towels are exceptionally disposable!”.

“It is unsafe to get a tattoo on sensitive skin, — says Tatiana Kobets. For example, if the area of the proposed tattoo is purulent rashes, you first need to cure them. Otherwise there is a risk of infection — bacteria penetrate under the skin.”

One time only must have tools and gloves


There are a variety of ink for tattooing, and unfortunately, not all of them quality. Some cheap dyes can contain very dangerous substances — for example, heavy metals type titanium, lead, cadmium, Nickel, copper compounds, zinc, barium, and even mercury! This chemical has a toxic effect on the entire body and can cause different serious diseases, including cancer.

HOW TO AVOID IT? If you are a chemist, the composition will never understand. “The only way to protect yourself is to know ink some manufacturers uses a wizard — says Denis Bachinsky. — Everything made in China automatically can enroll for bad paint, which can harm”. But a good master will not use bad ink, so your problem is reduced to the choice of the professional.

“Never skimp on the wizard, warns Dennis. — It is necessary to choose for the portfolio, but the diplomas note I do not advise: take a course and get hand different things. Tattoo — a sector in which the existence of a certificate gives no guarantee. To understand the professionalism of the wizard you can load. A good technician always worth the queue: will have to enroll in a couple of months”.


Immediately after packing the area the tattoo is an open wound. To heal it may take time, up to several months — the process is slower, for example, because of a weakened immune system. Improper care during this period can cause lots of problems. Inflamed skin may be rubbed with a cloth, it can get contaminated with bacteria. If you dig crust, this place can form scars.

HOW TO AVOID IT? After painting, the area should be lubricated with antiseptic ointment and bandage. During the healing period protect your tattoo from damage, protect from sources of infections, avoid exposure to the sun. If you have any issues — just go to the doctor!


Lasting negative effect from the tattoo change its color. “It happens that in 2-3 years after permanent makeup lips beautiful red color suddenly becomes bluish, or bright, the tattoo begins to fade, — says Tatiana Kobets. — To install, why it happened, is difficult: it can be low quality ink or the individual characteristics of the person.”

It is worth considering that over time, the skin loses its elasticity, and the weight gain and stretch marks will appear, as a result, the tattoo can literally be stretched out. It is not excluded that after years of drawing cease to please or become obsolete. Meanwhile, it is worth remembering that to get rid of the tattoo completely impossible: even after laser removal may remain scars and traces of paint, and the skin changes color and texture. In addition, the procedure is painful, long and expensive.

HOW TO AVOID IT? Before you decorate your body figure, weigh the pros and cons, consult a dermatologist and directly to the tattoo artist. Definitely details determine the meaning of the figure or character that you want to fill. Choose a location least susceptible to stretching. Girls better not to get a tattoo in the chest and abdomen: it can “swim” after pregnancy. It is also important to put a tattoo on a mole: the pigment will not allow you to see the changes that may be malignant in nature.

“That tattoo is not fading, in the summer it must be protected from sunlight, especially if it’s big and open area. Use a sunscreen with a large SPF,” advises Tatiana Kobets.