Rules of success from famous people: Ted Turner

Life is a game, and money is a way to keep score.

If you move the same way as all, very hard to get ahead — you need to be faster.

I chose entrepreneurship because it gives me a chance to prove himself.

Never lose courage and never throw begun. Before you give up — you are not defeated.

Life is what you yourself are doing. And if you believe that you’re okay, you’re right: all in your head.

Business like a chess game. You have to think several moves ahead. Most people do not.

Best advice — never do anything. You will never have trouble if you won’t do anything. But in this case you do not reach.

I told myself that from early childhood: “I Want to be master of the world!”. Succinct and accurate wording has helped me to live big, not exchanged for trifles.

When people ask me am I satisfied with my profession, I usually respond: on days when the volume of sales outweighs the burden of problems, I love my job.

To be an entrepreneur and to create new firms and enterprises like raising children: it takes much more time and effort than had been initially assumed, but to leave it is extremely difficult and painful.