Russia and America in our homes

Syria collects on their land the most powerful military players in the world. The war is now in its seventh year, and found that several cities in the province East of Aleppo, for example, Manbij, became centres for the accumulation of Russian, American and Turkish forces. Not to mention the Syrian players pursuing a variety of goals. American and Russian forces had the opportunity to meet face to face.

Russian troops, as well as American raise the flag of their country during the detours Manuja and other cities. The city was the scene of fierce fighting, but a year ago, Syrian democratic forces were able to push out ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.).

Russian and American forces can monitor and control traffic to each other, but they have limited coordination, which prevents their interaction. They know about the movements of each other thanks to a special hot line set up a year ago, after Russia began to provide air support to the Syrian regime. The goal was to avoid collisions in the air.

This month in the course of the operation, entitled “Peace and deterrence” the armed forces came to Manuja. American troops of the column reached the center of the city, carrying the American flag. Previously, they sought to emphasize their presence in the region as well as to create a buffer zone between the Kurdish and Turkish forces who want to enter the city. However, their goal is to fight with ISIS but not with each other.

In General, American and Russian forces are not in a state of open enmity, they are able to coordinate with each other in order to prevent this collision. However, we regret unable to see what has become of Arab land. Now this is an arena where there are various foreign forces. Some of them are protected from gangs and forced to defend themselves from the enemy factions. In any case, we become pawns on a chessboard, which play the major powers as they please, using our desire and the desire for revenge.

It seems that the world appears in the form of a military and strategic forces located in Syria. Some forces are in the country at our invitation: these include the Russian Federation. Turkey and the United States invaded the country without our desire, as well as militia from neighbouring countries, extremist organizations from different parts of the world such as ISIS and its “brothers”. In any case, each is fighting it in Syria, bringing to the country only destruction, endless devastation, hundreds of thousands of casualties of civilians as well as millions of immigrants trying to find refuge in Syria or abroad.

Who is responsible for all the crowds of foreign troops, who defile our land on the ground and in the air? Who benefits from the lack project of the Arab Renaissance? How long will we depend on foreign protection? Is addiction has reached such a level that you need to give up sovereignty, on which all wipe their feet under the pretext of fighting armed groups?