The Englishman shot a terrible video of a poltergeist in his house

The eerie footage was recorded by Englishman Andrew ward. The man is convinced that his 400 year-old cottage in Cambridgeshire (England) has some kind of paranormal phenomenon, writes

Video: Youtube

In the picture you can see the heavy window which slowly rocks and then opens. While there is no one nearby.

“It’s a Ghost or a poltergeist. And I’m determined to prove it, says Andrew ward. – Two nights in a row was nothing, but I still left the camera on during the night. After all, he was sure that one day I’ll get lucky.”


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The man said that bedtime always closes all the Windows.

“But there have been several nights when I woke up, and the Windows were wide open. I remember one morning, somewhere last week, I even felt near him cold.”

Andrew has promised to continue the survey to gather even more evidence.