Five causes of painful rupture of family relations

At first, the family life seems like a fairy tale, the couple feel happiness from each and every day, but then subsides as if the veil from his eyes and everything begins to crumble. Many couples at the first collision with setbacks, ask a tragic question: “if we Fit each other”, writes the magazine “Liza”.

  • The struggle for leadership

Any human relationship is always an implicit or explicit struggle for leadership and dominance. Family relationships, in this sense, no exception. The couple begin to solve the “question of power”, “who’s the boss”. Most often it is found in the first three to five years of marriage. Further, after determining the leader, in the family is stabilized. Remember, the struggle for leadership in the family is not a struggle of men and women, it is a struggle of human nature and strategies of success. Whose strategy will be more successful only time will tell.

  • The housing problem

Creating a family, young people dream about their own house. As studies have shown, most often break up couples who are forced to live with their parents. In this environment, young people continue to feel the same children as before the marriage. So families of this Union may never happen. At the initial stage of living together very important intimacy in a relationship, which can frustrate parents. Not being able to buy an apartment, you can rent housing. Yes, the young family will incur financial costs, but in terms of very much benefit.

  • Financial hole

Monetary difficulty is the most common issue young families. By the way, a lot of divorces in the initial phase of family life occur due to this problem. A crisis is a temporary phenomenon and if it happened, it is likely that after some time it will pass. The famous and timeless words “this too shall pass this too shall pass”. This inscription adorned the ring of king Solomon. All is vanity, and there is no burden that cannot be borne, especially if we stick together.

  • Boredom

Canadian scientists believe that the main reason for divorce — not a life, and boredom, which means that you need to change something. In such a situation will help the diversity and ingenuity. For example, you can go for a little trip. In the output, even psychologists advise not to sit at home and go somewhere on nature. Try to find some joint activities and occupations together to cook dinner, ride bikes, swim in the pool, watch your favorite movies. We need to strengthen the life of his family, and if that doesn’t help start to get involved in something new itself, and then the partner will be interested.

  • Life

As long as people do not live together, do not solve the small daily problems and issues, they are nice and good to talk to you, shopping for them is a pleasure, with fees in the forest. But everything changes when everyday we are next to each other. Starting to live in a single confined space, inevitably conflicts arise when the interests of the partners diverge. The best way to avoid this is to realize that we are all different, we all have our formed character and values.


  • What things to delete to not to complicate my life

Remember that family relationships can change. But no matter what problems arise, you should always try to compromise each other and solve problems together.