Sociologists found out how many Ukrainians consider themselves patriots

The predominant majority of Ukrainians consider themselves patriots of their country, and most such citizens in the West of Ukraine. This is evidenced by published on Tuesday, August 22, the data of the survey conducted by the Sociological group “Rating” in August.

According to the survey, 83% of respondents said that they consider themselves patriots of their country. Compared to the same period in 2014, the total number of Patriotic citizens have not changed. Only 10% expressed the opposite views, and 7% were undecided on this question.

The picture in the regions of Ukraine the following:

  • in the West position themselves as patriots 88%;
  • in the centre – 84%;
  • in the East, 83%;
  • in the South, 77%.

At the same time, in the southern areas, 18% of respondents said that they can’t talk about themselves as patriots of their country. In the East such respondents 11%, in Central – 8% West – 5%. The older the respondents, the more of them who considers himself a patriot.


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76% of respondents said that if today there was a choice, they would support the proclamation of independence of Ukraine. This figure has not changed from 2014. For comparison: in 2013, these respondents were 61%.

Most of those who supported the proclamation of independence of Ukraine, in the West (93%) of these respondents 76% South – 66%, East 64%.

At the same time, in the last two macro-regions the number of those who held the opposite opinion, and 21%-22%. The younger the respondents are and the higher their level of education, the level of support of independence of Ukraine among them is higher.


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Sociological research was conducted between 2-13 August 2017 among the population of Ukraine aged 18 years and over, by the method of personal formalized interview. The sample is representative by age, sex, region and type of settlement sample: 2000 respondents. Error representation does not exceed 2.2%.