Astronaut showed an impressive video of the milky way

American astronaut Jack Fisher won its subscribers in the social network impressive timelapse video of the milky way, which he managed to remove from the International space station – the “Browser”.

“Can you see the stars from here? Oh, Yes, baby! Take a look at the milky way, as it swirls and paints the sky”, – he commented on his lapse.

The post astronaut has collected more than 8 500 likes and 3 thousand shares. Subscribers in the comments do not hide delight.

Can you see stars from up here? Oh yeah baby! Check out the Milky Way as it spins & paints the heavens in a thick coat of awesome-sauce!

— Jack Fischer (@Astro2fish) 16 Aug 2017

Earlier it was reported that the earth is the largest in the history of observations of the asteroid.