Author of detective stories turned out to be a cruel killer

22 were afraid of the police on his doorstep with a 53-year-old crime writer from the Chinese Anhui Liu Hongbao, killed in 1995, with his accomplice four. When they finally broke into his home, the suspect said, “I waited for you all this time,” reports TJ with reference to the edition of The New York Times.

According to law enforcement, in November 1995, Liu Hongbao and his friend with the surname Wang, being in a family hostel, decided to Rob a man named Yu. When he began to resist, they beat him to death.

To hide the traces of their crimes, the two friends killed the couple who owned this establishment, and their 13-year-old grandson. Because at that time the cameras have not been, the police are unable to trace the criminals.

For two decades the case several times and closed, but then opened again in the hope of finding the culprits until he decided to conduct a DNA examination.

To find the villains, the cops checked 60 thousand prints.

Meanwhile, Liu, who, after unsuccessful attempts entering the University he began to write for the magazine for 10 years before the murder, in 2005, he published his first book called “Film”. It even China took a series length of 50 episodes. In the work there is not the slightest hint of the crime.

One day he wrote his wife a letter, allegedly confessed to the crime. The author added that now finally cease to suffer for what he did.

Recall that the French writer has repeated the fate of his hero’s suicide.