Premature children have less sick cerebral palsy – scientists

Today’s premature infants survive more often and have less health problems than in the 1990-ies, was established by the French researchers, –

According to the world health organization, every year, the light appears about 15 million premature babies. They are more at risk of developing cerebral palsy, developmental delay and other health problems. The researchers collected data on more than 5 thousand children, born at 22-34 weeks of pregnancy. Cerebral palsy developed in 6.9% of children born at 24-26 weeks of gestation, 4.3% 0 – at 27-31 weeks and only 1% after this period.

Comparing the results with data from 1997, researchers found that the survival of premature infants increased by 6%, and the number of cases of cerebral palsy have decreased by 3.3%.

The delay in development was observed in about half of children born at 24-26 weeks until 32-34 weeks, this figure was the same as in full-term.

We will remind, in India the baby was born, “pregnant” his own brother.