Autumn is coming: what holidays, festivals and places are waiting for Ukrainians

Many people the beginning of autumn brings a slight melancholy – the summer is over, ahead of the rainy season and cold weather. However, this time of year – the ideal time for short trips and exciting weekend. The website “Today” have selected a few places you can go for a day or two to have fun.

City holidays

Photo: archive

You can start with Odessa. 2 September here is celebrated the city day, traditionally one of the most fun holidays of the year. Dilute celebrations and sightseeing and beach holidays, because the velvet season on the black sea coast at this time only takes effect.

September 10, you can go to the “birthday” of the Dnieper. In honor of the holiday on the Festival pier, a concert of Verka Serduchka and АLEKSEEV and cover band that will perform the hits of world music.


Dendropark “Sofievka”. Photo: archive

What could be better than a leisurely walk through the huge beautiful Park? Especially when unrelenting heat is no more, and the trees and bushes already in autumn transformed. For such a walk is ideal , one of the largest arboretums in Ukraine – “Alexandria” (White Church, Kyiv region). On the area of 400 hectares stretch of oak forest with meadows, ponds and ancient architectural features. On the territory of “Alexandria” you can walk independently or with a guide, Cycling and even to get married.

Another well-known and loved by tourists the arboretum “Sofiyivka” (Uman, Cherkasy region). It is a monument of garden-Park art of end XVIII — first half of XIX century. The area of the Park 179,2 hectares, there are over three thousand different plants, both local and exotic. One of the attractions of the Park — waterfall, which you can use to realize the dream. It is believed that to a secret desire come true, you need to walk down the aisle right behind it flows so that you have not got a single drop.


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The Museum under the open sky

Museum of folk architecture and life pirohovo. Photo: A. Yaremchuk

Of course, any of the museums worthy of the attention of visitors, but Sunny autumn days, we offer to fix his attention on the museums under the open sky. For example, to go to Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky. This is one of the oldest cities of Kievan Rus. Now here is the national historical and ethnographic reserve “Pereyaslav”, which includes 371 reminder of the history and architecture of the Ukrainian people and 25 museums of various profiles: historical, archaeological, literary, ethnographic and others. So, here is the Museum of folk architecture and rural life in Central naddnipryanschina, detailing the architecture and traditions of Ukrainians from ancient times up until the nineteenth century. One of the most interesting places in Pereyaslav is a Museum of Tripoli culture. On its territory there are more than 500 artifacts that tell about the tribes of ancient farmers of Tripolye culture.

Another option is the Museum of folk architecture and life of Ukraine Pirogovo on the outskirts of Kiev. Its territory of 150 hectares on which are located more than 300 exhibits. In Pirogovo you can see the unique samples of the Ukrainian village and life from all corners of the country. The Museum has the only in Ukraine, Ukrainian house of the XVI century. Besides excursions in the Museum you can have a picnic, ride horses and participate in various leisure activities, especially during the holidays. In Pirogovo there are even a few existing ancient churches in which the lovers can get married.


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Interesting places

The city of Pripyat in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Photo: AFP/GENYA SAVILOV

If you want to visit a unique place and good for health – help in the village of Lumshory is located in Perechyn district, Transcarpathian region. This village — a unique Spa resort, where since 1600 are treated with sulfide sources. The main trick of this place – bathing in vats with mineral water, which kindle a fire and heated to +40-45°C. After a dip in the icy mountain river. These baths improve the activity of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system.

Another option to get unforgettable emotions – to go to the Chernobyl exclusion zone. 31 years ago after the Chernobyl disaster residents of the 30-km zone were deported, and the territory itself is closed. But today, the Chernobyl exclusion zone is very popular among tourists from Ukraine and from many countries of the world. Despite the limitation areas, you can go there but you need to make an appointment with the Agency for exclusion zone management (GAS), choose one of the existing routes and to bring a companion. Without it to pass through checkpoints is impossible.

Thus, in Ukraine for a long time there are a number of private organizations that arrange trips to Chornobyl. As part of this visit will show the most interesting places of the Zone – Chernobyl-horizon radar “Duga”, the cities of Chernobyl and Pripyat, abandoned villages and wild nature.

Note that access to the Chernobyl exclusion zone can be 18 years old.


21-24 September will be held in Lviv coffee festival. Photo:

But if you any excursion will prefer a crowded party or festival, then you have several options. On 9 September in Korosten (Zhytomyr region) will host the delicious holiday – the festival of potato pancakes. On this day you can not only taste different variations of this dish, but also to learn to cook.

21-24 September 2017 will be held in Lviv the 11th festival of coffee. This holiday coffee, has gained popularity and even became the fall symbol of the city. And in these days Lviv coffee houses compete for the title, and offer a particularly large selection of coffee drinks and desserts.


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And for fans of modern art on September 1-3 in the city of Kamianets-Podilskyi (Khmelnytskyi region) will host the annual music and street art festival “Republic”. These days their talents in various forms of street art will show the participants from different countries. Also during the fest scheduled performances by popular music groups.