TOP-11 attractive market novelties of the Geneva motor show

The second generation Volvo XC60

Sales of the first generation of this crossover in the world reached almost 1 million cars, he became Europe’s most popular mid-size segment. The share of this model is about 30% of total Volvo sales. Production of the second generation starts at a plant in Sweden in mid-April.

The top version will be a hybrid – T8 TwinEngine (407 HP, 640 N•m), it accelerates to 100 km/h in 5.3 s. Diesel modifications — T6 with supercharger and turbocharger (320 HP, 400 N•m) and T5 (254 HP). Diesel: D4 (190 HP) and D5 (235 HP). Transmission – eight-speed automatic.

Inside, a new four-zone climate control. The media center has updated the graphics, increased performance, and usability.

The security complex has added a new system with Steer Assist function, which automatically taxis to reduce the risk of collision when changing lanes. The optional adaptive cruise control is improved and takes care of the steering, acceleration and braking on roads with clearly visible markings at speeds of up to 130 km/h.

Overall length of 4.69 m, width 1.9 m, height 1.66 m wheelbase of 2.84 m. This novelty was 4 cm longer, 1 cm wider and 5 cm lower. The spacing between the axes increased to 9 cm.

The original model will be only all-wheel drive, but then there will be the option of front-wheel drive.

The new generation Honda Civic Type R

Hot hatch Honda Civic Type R with a powerful 310-horsepower turbo engine and front-wheel drive has achieved well-deserved fame: his agility and manageability like many fans of adrenaline. Therefore, the new model is conceptually not changed: the engine remains supercharged, front wheel drive, manual gearbox.

The 2.0 VTEC turbo engine remains the same, but the engineers have reconfigured the software, raising the power by 10 HP to 320 HP at 6500 rpm But the torque has not changed – 400 nm at 2500-4500 R/min.

The cabin is fitted with sports seats, a virtual instrument panel and multimedia system with navigation. There is a system change the driving modes (Comfort, Sport or +R), changing the algorithms of the powertrain, steering and shock absorbers.

New Civic Type R this summer will begin to produce at the factory in the UK.

New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

A new crossover built on the same platform with the Mitsubishi Outlander, but shorter than him by 29 cm Overall length, width, height – 4,41×1,81×1,69 m, a wheelbase of 2.67 m. In Europe it will be sold with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine and 2.2-litre turbodiesel. The first unit is combined with a CVT, the second is paired with an eight “automatic”. Both versions come with all-wheel drive system with electronically controlled coupling that connects the rear axle.

Optionally available multimedia-enabled smartphone of Apple and Android interfaces and head-up display above the dashboard. The display supports touch control.

European start of sales is scheduled for autumn.

The new generation of the Audi RS5

Audi RS5 second generation set diesel engine EA839 of a new company-wide line of Volkswagen, designed by Porsche. The V6 2.9 liter c direct fuel injection and a pair of turbochargers first appeared on the Porsche Panamera. Now its impact reaches 450 HP and 600 N•m (Panamera ― 440 and 550, respectively). Old RS5 c atmospheric V8 4.2 was equally powerful, but currently “only” 430 N•m. Box now vosmidiapazonnoy automatic (was a seven-speed robot). The drive is full. Acceleration to 100 km/h in 3,9 s (was 4.6).

“Loud” exhaust system and 19-inch wheels are basic equipment. Claimed fuel consumption in combined cycle is 8.7 liters per 100 km, better than that of its predecessor by 17%.

On sale in European markets, the new RS5 will arrive in June. In Germany the initial price will be 80 EUR 900. For comparison: the MercedesAMG C 63 Coupe there is from 78 302 Euro, BMW M4 – from 76 € 700.

The new generation Subaru XV

Externally, the novelty differs little from its predecessor, but the company claim that they have no one common body parts. XV now has the newly designed frame of high-tensile steels, and torsional rigidity has increased by 70%. The platform also new Subaru Global Platform, which formed the basis of the family of the fifth generation Impreza.

The car became a little bigger (length is 4.67 m), but its height has not changed. Schematically, the suspension is the same ― front McPherson front and memorycache back. But it retuned the damping elements in order to improve the ride and stability at high speed. Became more intense and the steering gear ratio which decreased from 14:1 to 13:1.

The new XV has been modernized “oppozitnik” capacity of 2.0 liters. According to the manufacturer, about 80% of its parts redesigned. As a result of decreased noise and vibration, weight decreased by 12 kg, the capacity amounted to 156 h. p., the maximum torque of 196 N•m Motor matched with a Lineartronic CVT with seven stages.

Updated Nissan Qashqai

In the process of updating the model, the designers focused on the design of the exterior, higher quality interior, improved handling and implementation of the autopilot. Modified suspension and steering system. Additional insulation and increasing the thickness of the rear window resulted in noise reduction in the cabin. Now there is a truncated multifunction steering wheel with chrome insert. Top Tekna+ predpolagaet new seats, trimmed with leather. With the number of options included the Bose audio system with seven speakers. Car learned to warn of the dangers when reversing. Palette of exterior colors added Vivid Blue and Chestnut Bronze.

All these elements aim to make the model more status in the eyes of customers and boost sales. Sales of restyled Qashqai in Europe will begin in July.

New Volkswagen Arteon

This five-door car with a liftback body shown for the first time. He became the ideological successor to the four-door coupe Passat CC, but larger: length – 4,86 m, width – 1,87 m, height of 1.43 m, a wheelbase of 2.84 m. the Size of wheels – from 17 to 20 inches.

The company is the most equipped with the new modern technology. Adaptive cruise control adjusts the speed depending on the flow, but also traffic signs, the data from the Navigator. The lane departure and lane sees the markup, and the next car. Device Emergency Assist in case the driver became ill, can independently slow the car to take him to the right lane and stop there. Adaptive headlights have learnt to illuminate the road in the turn before the corner, using the testimony of satellite navigation and a map.

In the range of six gasoline and diesel engines from 150 HP to 280 HP, box – six-speed “mechanics” or seven-step “robot”, the actuator front or full.

The car is made in Germany. The beginning of sales on the home market – June.

New Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

Now the Panamera model is sold in hatchback and has four salon. The latter circumstance is hampering its sales on the American market. The novelty is called “almost five-seater” car with the landing formula 4+1, i.e. in the back seat can survive a short trip or three to plant in the middle of the child.

Sport Turismo station wagon is created on the same platform as the normal Panamera. Drive only full. Petrol engines 3.0 V6 (330 HP), diesel or 4.0 V8 (422 HP).

The difference between the new body is not only more practical trunk. Also promised a more easy entrance-exit and more headroom headroom on the second row.

In Germany the Panamera Sport Turismo will cost from 97 557 euros, 3,000 euros more expensive than the current model. The most expensive version – 158 604 euros.

The new generation Opel Insignia

Opel Insignia second generation lost the sedan and liftback and wagon received the title prefix Sport (Grand Sport and Sports Tourer respectively). But optional all-wheel drive (although its scheme has changed), and a wide range of motors from 110 to 260 HP alternative of the mechanical box was the eight-speed automatic.

The new generation of the Insignia has grown in length by 6 cm, the wheelbase has increased by 9 cm, to 2.83 m, the vehicle became slightly wider and lower.

For consumers, the novelty can be “budget” analog Audi A7 and Mercedes-Benz CLS.

The Concept Of The Audi Q8

For the first time the concept of this crossover was shown in January in Detroit, but in three months he had changed a lot. The big change happened in the power plant: before it was a full hybrid, and now – “moderate”, which was the first system in the world type Mild Hybrid combined with electric compressor.

In the heart of the power plant of the beginner lies the 450-HP three-liter “six”, which is mounted on the electric supercharger, and in addition — a combined starter-generator (between the engine and the transmission). It can not only start the engine, but also add him on acceleration power. The total output of the system — 476 HP and 700 N•m. This is enough to accelerate to 100 km/h in 4.7 s.

It is claimed that the 85-liter tank car can go on one tank of 1200 km.

Serial production should start in 2018, the range of engines will be petrol and diesel.

New Range Rover Velar

The company Jaguar Land Rover introduced a new SUV, which will take in a modelling number a place between the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport. In technical terms he is a close relative of the crossover Jaguar F-Pace. They have the same wheelbase (2,87 mm), the overall architecture of the chassis and the power structure of the body, on 80% consisting of aluminum, although Velar slightly larger (length — 4.8 m, width 2.03 m, height — 1,67 m) and unlike fellow positioned as a full-fledged SUV.

Ground clearance at the models with the adjustable air suspension can reach 25 cm fording depth — 65 cm, versions with spring suspension, these figures are smaller 21 cm and 60 cm.

Feature of the external design – recessed door handles, which are “fired”. In the cabin is practically no physical keys.

Transmission one – eight-speed automatic. Six engines: gasoline and diesel from 180 to 380 HP