In France lit a nuclear submarine that is known (video)

Submarine Perle is the most recent of six nuclear submarines of a class Ruby

The naval forces of France suffered a second misfortune in the same year – earlier third of the crew of the only aircraft carrier of the Republic contracted the coronavirus, and now on a nuclear submarine Perle, an explosion occurred, which resulted in a fire submarine.

As reported in the Maritime Prefecture of the Mediterranean, the incident occurred on the morning of 12 June at the naval base in the French city of Toulon, where the submarine is in January of this year stood up for the repair.

Before that it was stripped of weapons and the reactor, and leaked nuclear fuel, so the fear of radiation is not necessary, according to authorities.

“The submarine was evacuated, no injuries”, – noted in the Prefecture.

TWITTERJune 12, 2020

To fight the fire sent dozens of firefighters.

Submarine Perle is the most recent of six nuclear submarines of the Ruby class of the French Navy. She was commissioned in 1993.

We will remind, last year near the Chinese coast at a depth of about 50 meters in the South China sea there was a nuclear explosion, the cause of which, as expected, there was an accident on a nuclear submarine.

It was also reported the explosion on the Russian submarine research staff of the “Losharik”in the Barents sea, which killed 14 officers.