Concern with the threat of ISIS on 146 points

The police of Istanbul has a mode of heightened vigilance because of the possibility of attacks on Russian ships passing through the Bosphorus.

It became known that ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) is planning a missile attack against Russian ships passing through the Bosphorus. Ships began to accompany coast guard cutter.

The intelligence unit received information that ISIL is planning to attack the Russian warships passing through the Bosphorus, with rockets and long-barreled weapons. Due to the fact that due to the destruction of the Russian plane and the assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov relations of Russia and Turkey are vulnerable, in order to avoid new tensions security measures in the area of the Bosphorus increased to the highest level. The police of Istanbul has taken a number of measures against the attacks of ISIS. As a result of the operations was arrested a few members of ISIS. It was created 146 checkpoints of security forces in those areas where Russian warships passing through the Strait, be closest to shore and where they can be committed attack.

Involved police helicopters

Each passage of Russian ships on the Bosphorus, primarily at these points of safety, and the bird will not fly. No possible attack is not ignored. While Russian ships escorted two boats, police helicopters watching the ships from the air.

Stood guard

Yesterday the warship of the Russian Navy “Caesar Kunikov” with the hull number 158 passed through the Bosporus to the Black sea. The ship was escorted by coast guard boats. On the deck of the ship was on duty watch.