The head of HUGO Valery geletey: “to Protect the President in emergency mode”

On Sunday, the Office of state security responsible for the safety of the first persons of Ukraine and visiting the country a high-ranking foreign leaders, was 25 years old. Today with the anniversary of HUGO staff will congratulate the President.

We have moved away from the front, “Danish” interview, asking the head of the Department Colonel-General Valery Heletey issues relating to externally subtle, but quite strenuous activities of subordinates and his own.

So, rename the Management of the National Secret service? Who of current and former famous people it currently protects and who is not? No regrets does the General that he could not refuse the proposal of the Supreme commander to lead the military? He would repeat the words of the parade in the Ukrainian Sevastopol? How often do you manage to be in the dash, the gym, the shooting range? Who is going to celebrate your own anniversary?


— Once you have proposed to rename the Management of the National Secret service — what about this idea?

— There was such a proposal is to name it by analogy with foreign countries, particularly the United States, where there is Secret Service. Met with colleagues, studying their experience. While the idea has not found support in the Verkhovna Rada, and other special services. Perhaps they are afraid that the drag on the any functions associated with secrets, state secrets and other specific tasks. Not to interfere, especially not insist. But when our structure is confusing with the same civil service protection, other agencies that do not have and do not have any relationship, it can be annoying.

— I have long wanted to know: your intelligence and counterintelligence in the Office there?

— We’re not doing anything not permitted by law. Our operational units have the required number of personnel to ensure the protection of buildings and the safety of protected persons. Counterintelligence agencies vested with such powers. But all that relates to our competence in the implementation of operational information, carried out in cooperation with the security service, foreign intelligence Service, the Gur of the Ministry of defence, other power departments. Outside powers do not go. But their duties to anyone not offer.

— And your internal security service someone serious has figured out those who tried to introduce from the outside?

— In the selection and appointment of personnel imposes rather high requirements. Pay great attention to moral and psychological qualities, stress tolerance, and the patriotism of the people. Applicants selected thoroughly. In case of the slightest suspicion, doubt and thorough review. We have no margin for error.

Is a common word. And how exactly counteract the recruitment?

— The work of internal security in this part is a very complex specific process, which for obvious reasons will leave without comment.


— Who, besides the President, Prime Minister, the speaker, heads of constitutional and Supreme courts, attorney General, protects today HUGO?

— Article 6 of the relevant law clearly defines a list of protected persons. Security is provided to them for the period of tenure, and during the year following the resignation of its powers. The President is also empowered, under article 7 of the law, to provide for the protection of other persons.

— Who can say?

— Information belongs to the category of confidential.

— What is the reason?

— Real threats to the life and health of people. Potential attackers may use information (family composition, place of residence, other details) for the preparation of unlawful actions.

— Well, well, and Yatsenyuk is under the protection of HUGO?

— Until a year has passed since his resignation as Prime Minister, Yes.

— Litvin?

— And he’s not.

— Medvedchuk?

We not guarded and not guarded.

— Shokin, Yarema, Makhnitsky?

— No.

— Interesting situation with the head of the Central election Commission. Okhendovsky — protected person. But also suspect. What would be the actions of the employees of the Department, if the court chose to it a measure of restraint in form of detention?

Indeed, this situation was faced for the first time, the suspicion was announced to the protected person. Other mechanism to remove the protection at that time, in addition to the determination of the dismissal, did not exist. Until this decision the court has made, the CEC remains in our care. I want to emphasize that HUGO did not protect individuals (relatively speaking, Ivanenko, Petrenko, Sidorenko), and officials — in accordance with their status, providing personal security.

In this context, the question is — did the recent murder of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey to the safety of foreign diplomats in Ukraine?

— What happened in Ankara, left nobody indifferent. The live murder — shock… But this could happen anywhere. Security measures for foreign diplomats in Ukraine are dictated by the threat level. Embassies also taken the decision to intensify measures, if necessary. Are constantly monitored and studied international information about attempts of assassinations, assassination attempts on foreign leaders, political figures in the world. Apparently, you have noticed that we have before the big mass actions are increasingly used framework-metal detectors — to detect weapons, ammunition, explosives, and other dangerous substances… Is an appropriate response to the challenges not only in Ukraine but also in other countries.

— The protection of our President is in emergency mode?

— Since the beginning of ATO the work of all divisions of HUGO translated to the strengthened operation mode. Including the security of the President — the Supreme commander of the armed forces. Other protected persons and public authorities, too.


For the past two years you almost did not give interviews, did not comment why?

— The position of head of HUGO is not as public as, say, the Minister of defence. Our Office is the law enforcement on special value. His status does not imply such openness as the head of the military Department. Often in the esters does not allow the heavy workload at work. However, I did not cower or shirk contact with the press.

— Leading up to the fact that of caution you could add a short experience as Minister of defense. Recall, the statement from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada on 3 July 2014 about the military parade in the liberated Sevastopol. No regrets said?

— I feel sorry about. I’m not talking about the timing of a military parade. Sincerely said, I believe in the victory of Ukraine, like that in honor of victory day in Sevastopol will be a parade, and the Crimea be returned to Ukraine. Can the same thing again and after more than two years, without changing a single word.

— And could refuse the offer to head the Ministry of defense?

The President — the Supreme commander asked with clear objectives — the struggle against terrorism and banditry by armed groups in the zone of hostilities in the Donbass, fighting corruption in the Ministry, others. Actually these tasks, I worked in various positions in the interior Ministry and had a certain experience. What was charged by the President, clearly coincided with my own understanding of problem solving in the Donbas. The problems were not something exceptional, but demanded that energetic steps and effective measures. So I accepted the offer with optimism. Even in thoughts was not to give up. That’s all.


Now on the other. Here is the handle you have on the table of the ordinary or secret? She also records our conversation?

— The most common handle. No secrets. Conversation she writes. Why? Is it not enough for your two recorders?

— You don’t know why…

— If I suddenly needed to delete the record, I would have used this device (shows a small device in a black plastic case). And in order to protect a conversation from eavesdropping — put a (extracts from the drawer of miniature jammer). And your tape nothing recorded…

— Noise generators?

— So be it. Although a slightly different system…

— Interesting! Periodically in the media and on the Internet there are some critical articles that cast doubt on the leadership and staff of the HUGO. How can you explain?

— There is a hybrid war. One of its key components — information attack. Trying to discredit HUGO, want to discredit government, to add tension in society, to undermine the already very difficult situation… actually we are open, ready to continue a dialogue with the media, to comment. We have a new press office, headed by an experienced officer Colonel Oleg Ostapets. But rumors, gossip wouldn’t have.


— Two words about your Declaration. There are specified property and cars. Why do you need two Rangrover?

— There are no mysteries, no secrets. Declaration filled in 2014, 2015 and 2016. major changes in them. After in 2009, had to leave HUGO, worked for four years as Vice-President of a Bank. Had the opportunity to learn how to do business and make money. Therefore, there is no property, the origin of which is difficult to explain. This applies to real estate, and cars. I had a different car. Now Rangerover. Both bought at the previous work. One exploit itself, the second goes brother. It is not prohibited.

— More personal. When was the last time I was in the gym, at the shooting range, in the dash?

Service in HUGO requires a constant workout and adequate level of fire training. Always considered it his duty to show in this example. Almost all events that we conduct, we try to participate in. Once or twice a week certainly go to the gym. Every two weeks — shooting. Every quarter, the shooting range. Physical form helps to overcome the hardships of the service. This year we will hold competitions on the Cup of the President on fighting among the security forces. Are the Vice-President of Association of bodyguards of the world. Team HUGO consistently show excellent results in international competitions. The profession of bodyguards in our offer is included in the official list of professions in Ukraine — before her in this list was not. Sport gives you strength, energy, passion…

— This year you have a personal anniversary. Not decided where and with whom will you celebrate your 50th birthday?

— Never make plans in advance. I would like family. It would be the greatest gift. The defense Minister’s birthday was met in the area of the ATO. Ready anniversary to spend there, only to return the occupied territories, on the Ukrainian land came the world…