O God, what a male psychologist has named eight of the sexiest types of guys

Intimate preference is an individual matter. But each of the attractive men will agree, there are certain qualities that attract attention and beckon. Main thing is to understand why girls like these types of, writes the magazine “Liza”.

Psychologist David di Angelo distinguishes eight types of men who enjoy success with women. And about the same kinds of “sexy losers”.

In the first group were: “bad guy” (from which comes the sensation of danger), “the adventurer” (which is not boring), “the seducer” (able to awaken the woman to woman) “the poet” (a mysterious young man not of this world), “successful guy” (breadwinner-the breadwinner), “daddy” (one who calls the shots and makes decisions), a “regular guy” (firmly standing on the earth’s surface realist) and “sycophant” (henpecked, all subordinate partner).


  • Named the most valuable trait that people are looking for in a future partner

Repel women, according to di Angelo, guys: sloppy “hippie” unilateral “geeks” rude “ignorant”, the stubborn “xenophobes”, haunting “the spring and summer” uncertain “coward”, spoiled “Mama’s boy” and stubborn “debaters”.

Of course, this typology is very exciting, but remember that the most important thing in a relationship to between the pair was love.