The script on Valentine’s Day – the journey: TOP 12 romantic destinations

Before the celebration of Valentine’s Day remains a matter of days. And if you have a gift not ready yet – you can still arrange an unforgettable romantic evening, making your scenario. A great option is the trip that will be remembered in love for a long time.

Just at the eve of February 14 the British newspaper the Telegraph called the most romantic cruise destinations.

The list includes Venice (Italy), which never loses its ability to fascinate.

In addition, the lovers are advised to pay attention to Budapest (Hungary), where combine different eras. There you can see the facades of the 1890-1910 years, old-fashioned coffee house, “traces” of communism and stunning modernity.

For the “beauty and drama” tourists are advised to go to the island of Santorini (Greece), for “the escapism and romance” on the island of Tortola (British virgin Islands) and the island of Moorea in French Polynesia.

Antwerp (Belgium) is an interesting port and a fascinating historic city, full of medieval buildings, cafes and galleries. It also has a stock exchange on trade in diamonds and brilliants. In the list there is the island of Elba (Italy), made famous by French Emperor Napoleon. Special note of the numerous beaches.

Moreover, the lovers can enjoy “the sweet life” in the Portofino or Capri (Italy). And in Dubrovnik (Croatia) can be found, for example, beaches and seafood.

“Bohemian charm and romance” waiting for tourists in Valparaiso (Chile). Finally, the rating is “one of the most beautiful” Islands of the world – Hvar (Croatia), which is also the sunniest place in the country.