Codes of military contacts between Turkey, Russia and Iran

While Ankara within a few days receives the heads of the General staff of Iran and Russia, Aydınlık offers its readers codes this extraordinary revival by the military departments.

August 15 the chief of the General staff of Iran, General Mohammad, Bakiri (Muhammed Bakiri) arrived in Ankara and met with the head of Turkish General staff Hulusi Akar (by Hulusi Akar). Following this, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu (Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu) stated that Turkey will also visit the chief of the General staff of Russia Valery Gerasimov.

General Bakery became the first head of the General staff of Iran who visited Turkey since the Islamic revolution of 1979, and above all this, no doubt, makes this visit unique and important. Besides, there are a number of market developments that reinforce the historic nature of this visit.

“The disintegration of Iraq is unacceptable”

In that moment, when the General Bakery set foot in Ankara, the Higher independent Commission for elections and referenda of the regional Kurdish administration of Iraq was engaged in setting the date of the long-planned “referendum on independence”. According to the results of a majority vote it was decided to hold a referendum on September 25.

General Bakery in a statement made on July 17, noted that the referendum in which the separation of the Kurdish regional authority and Iraq “unacceptable.” “It is unacceptable for Iraq’s neighbours, said the Iranian General. — The preservation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq is in the interests of all ethnic and mazhornyj groups in the country.”

After this visit, AFP which is called “unexpected”, VOA “rare”, and close to the Turkish government, the Daily Sabah — “an important milestone”, Bakiri in an interview with IRNA concluded his contacts in Turkey with these words: “We long to have made such visits. But given events in the region, issues related to the security of the two countries, the security of our borders and fight terrorism, this visit had to do.”

“The strike on the Atlantic front”

And the echoes that this visit aroused in Turkey, the Iranians read the important statement made by the former General Secretary of the National security Council of Turkey by Tuncer Kalencom (Tuncer Kılınç) for the Iranian press. Kilinc in his speech said: “[This visit] is a milestone in the domestic politics of Turkey and regional diplomacy of Iran. If Turkey and Iran will work together in the history of the region can open a new page.”

Kalyn, according to which Turkey has used to make “blue-eyed generals” and “Yankees” in a subsequent part of his speech, described the visit of the Iranian General in Ankara or, he said, officials of Western Asia as “the blow that struck Turkey in its relations with the Atlantic front.”

According to Kalina, this visit was a historical symbol for Turkey, which is undergoing an extraordinary metamorphosis. Kalin explained these changes by saying: “[Turkey] is close to Russia and China and at the same time moving away from the policy of Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Brussels, Washington. All parameters indicate that these changes”.

Turkey’s policy in Syria…

As reported in an article published on this subject in the Iranian newspaper Vatanemrooz, another important item on the agenda of the meeting, Bakiri and Akara became the current situation in Syria.

The newspaper emphasizes that this visit took place a day after the presidents of Russia and Iran Vladimir Putin and Hassan Rouhani held talks on the subject of Syria. It is also noted that the Syrian policy of Turkey there have been some changes: a terrorist group building a nest in Idlib, pushing Turkey to develop a comprehensive solution.

Here it is useful to recall the message, which the newspaper Zaman el-Vasl published August 7, citing a source in the National coalition for Syrian revolutionary and opposition forces, “Turkey stopped the financial support of the coalition”.

Previously, the financial support of Turkey that established at the initiative of the United States of the organization amounted to more than 320 thousand dollars a month.

Critical point — Idlib

Turkish, Russian and Iranian experts, who met last week in Tehran discussed the latest developments in Syria and the situation in Idlib came to the fore as an important item on the agenda.

So, last week in the press reflected the message that the forces of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK) / Party Democratic Union (PYD), with the support of the US is preparing to attack the Idlib, the southern neighbor of the occupied Afrin.


As noted in an article published on August 13 in Yeni Şafak, in the framework of the US plan to create a terrorist corridor in Syria, the PKK forces have to capture the area of the operation “shield of the Euphrates”, and Idlib in this regard is crucial.

After all, in order to reach the Mediterranean sea, the PKK aimed at the connection of the so-called cantons, in Afrin and Kobani, it is necessary to occupy and Idlib.

In this direction, the States previously under the pretext of ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) gave the PKK in the North of Syria, is now looking to expand terrorist corridor, occupied Idlib under the pretext of “al Qaeda” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.).

The purpose of the visit was a terrorist corridor

The preparation of the “referendum” in Northern Iraq it is impossible to imagine regardless of U.S. action on the training and arming of the PKK / PYD in Northern Syria.

Only over the past two months, the Pentagon sent the PKK / people’s protection Units (YPG), more than 1,100 trucks with weapons and ammunition.

30 APR sources associated with the Peshmerga, in a conversation with Sputnik announced that two new battalions of the Peshmerga, which are expected to be established early next year, the United States intends to send weapons and ammunition in the amount of $ 110 million.

In the same report noted that the United States will also undertake the training of these battalions. The amount to be spent on battalions, together with training and other expenses, will amount to $ 200 million.

Amid all these events is very high probability that the Iraqi and Syrian Kurds, which the US and the Western coalition train, equip, and transform into a regular army, one day you will lay aside your conflicts of interest, will unite again with the support of Western States and decides to take the war to the territory of Turkey and Iran.

The land of the region is gradually heated

In these circumstances, the meeting of General staff chiefs of Turkey and Iran — countries that have a common border with a length of 500 kilometers, a centuries-old tradition of statehood and neighborhood, the two strongest army in the region, detects a historic goal.

When we wrote these lines, the Minister of foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu said that the chief of the General staff of Russia Valery Gerasimov will visit Turkey to discuss the situation in Idlib.

The land in the region is gradually heated…

The increasing differences between the Atlantic and Eurasian powers indicate that the conflict will continue at least in the form of “proxy wars” as long as one party acknowledges the final defeat.

Nevertheless, these statistics, which is the Pentagon, clearly shows who the forces, which go up along with newly created unions.