Scientists have discovered how often should I change the pillow

The pillow should be changed every two years. These recommendations have been published by scientists from Canada. If the pillow does not change for a long period of time, it becomes a favorite habitat of ticks linen, often paired with another common disease such as demodicosis, difficult to treat, says “Orthodox”.

Studies have shown that older pillows 10% of the weight are remains of body parts of mites that feed on dead human cells. By themselves ticks threats to human not bear. But as they actively excrete the products of metabolism of the body, a person during sleep is actively all that breathes. As a result can be the development of not only allergies but also more serious diseases, such as asthma, bronchitis, constant headache.

To not allow the mites to breed freely, it is necessary to ventilate the bed, the pillow periodically to wash, to prevent the moisture in the bedding, dry it all thoroughly. Ticks can be removed with extreme temperature exposure (frost and heat of the iron).