Le Figaro (France): why the mysterious agreement of Iran with China is causing so much concern

The Iranians are dumbfounded by a statement of their foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, who said in Parliament that brings to an end negotiations with the Chinese on the orders of Supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

16 Jul 2020 it became known that Tehran and Beijing will sign a contract for 25 years. In exchange for oil and gas at a discount (-32%) China will invest in the Iranian economy $ 400 billion. Information about this a little, because the contacts between the two countries are held behind closed doors. In addition, neither the Chinese nor the Iranian diplomacy has never been transparency.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is in a weakened state, which makes the population fear the worst. Us sanctions completely emptied the Treasury of the state, which can no longer rely on regional mercenaries (Hezbollah, “Hashd al-SHAABI”, Hamas) in the confrontation with the eternal enemies: the Americans and the Israelis. Domestically, the regime will not be easy to cope with rising popular protests. This “great power”, which was silent about the systematic Israeli strikes on its military bases in Syria and Lebanon, now can’t even respond to an Israeli cyber attack against a nuclear facility in Natanze and the military complex at Parchin (center of Iran).

Have the ayatollahs who call themselves representatives of God on Earth, there is no other choice but to rush into the arms of the Chinese Communists for the sake of power, with the blessing of the Russian allies.

It is obvious that such an agreement could be signed only with the consent of Vladimir Putin, who in turn gets the extension of a 20-year contract of many commercial and military benefits for his country. This document, incidentally, contradicts the Iranian Constitution, which prohibits foreign state to use military facilities on Iranian soil.

All this leads to desperate people. He’s 40 years, watched as the national wealth is stolen by the kleptocrats of the ayatollahs, and now the whole country will be sold to the Chinese and Russians.

The mysterious signing of the Treaty with China and the extension of the 20-year agreement with Russia, the Iranians evoke painful memories of the 1919 Treaty that divided Iran between the Russian and British. He called the protest of the great world powers of that time and the wrath of the people who have embraced it as a national disgrace. In the end, the Iranian Parliament was to ratify it.

Foreign policy of the ayatollahs, with its belligerent attitude towards the United States and Israel has cost the Iranians. Although the Iranian expenditure in regional conflicts are kept secret, according to estimates by the US Department of state, the mere military presence in Syria, costing Iran 16 billion dollars a year. Syria, Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iraq — Iran is involved in almost all regional conflicts, which require large investments and ravaged the country. In addition, the us sanctions and Israeli air strikes had weakened the Iranian military presence in the region, expelled a large part of the soldiers of the ayatollahs from Iraq and Syria.

Iran’s national interests were never taken into account his leadership, whose logic defies understanding foreign observer who seeks to understand why the Islamic Republic actively climbs in the Affairs of neighboring countries, even though she is bankrupt.

Moreover, the Iranians are no longer allowed to Express their opinions. After in November of 2019 they were against the 300% increase in the price of gasoline, about 1 500 people were killed on the streets just three days despite the complete indifference of the international community. At the same time, many democratic countries were angered by the elimination of Iraq by the Americans terrorist Qassem Soleimani. He was an adviser to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on his hands the blood of 500,000 Syrians, and of many Iranians. As a result, the Iranians have never felt so alone and abandoned by the international community.

At the moment we do not know the exact contents of military and commercial agreements with China, but the isolation of the Islamic Republic in the international arena and its contempt for national interests do not allow to protect the country from the claims of Russian and Chinese that do not seriously concerned about the Iranians. Most of them were in the position of powerless witnesses to the signing of the contract, which will soon be considered as another national disgrace.