The reason for the poor U.S.-Russian relations is not Putin, and Russia itself

Thomas Graham (USA) is considered one of the best experts in Russia and U.S.-Russian relations. Currently, Graham serves as managing Director, perhaps the most prestigious consulting company Kissinger Associates Inc. Previously, Graham worked as the Director for Russia in national security Council and was special assistant to President George W. Bush on policy towards Russia. In the 80-ies — 90-ies he worked in the American Embassy in Moscow. She is fluent in Russian.

Graham, as well, and his famous boss, Kissinger, is representative of the so-called “school of realists” in American foreign policy.

It is interesting to see what the views of Graham on U.S.-Russian relations. Briefly they are as follows:

1. Russia will never be a democracy. It is necessary to recognize as an inevitable reality, to accept that and not try to impose Russia’s democratic principles. It will not succeed and will only lead to a deterioration of relations.

2. In the long term, Russia will remain a global player whose interests the United States will have to take into account in their policies.

3. Long-term strength of Russia is based on a vast territory, large reserves of mineral resources, highly developed science and a huge nuclear Arsenal.

4. The reason for the poor U.S.-Russian relations is not Putin, and Russia itself.

5. Sanctions against Russia are not an effective means of solving problems. They will not be able to change Russian policy. Sanctions is not a policy, and the bankruptcy of previous policies.

6. The U.S. can’t isolate Russia, because it will never agree to China and India.

7. The U.S. should recognize Russia’s interests and learn to look for compromises with her.

8. The U.S. should not accuse Russia of meddling in the electoral process in the United States, because the US itself intervene in similar processes in other countries.

Interesting point Graham on the Ukrainian question. The United States should insist on the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but to be ready to guarantee that Russia’s non-entry of Ukraine into NATO.

As your comment I want to add that Thomas Graham, Kissinger, recently deceased Brzezinski and others are geopolitics, which already recognize the fact that the US has lost global leadership and foreign policy must be adjusted in accordance with this. International experience, however, shows that no hegemon can not abandon their dominant policy until, yet will not tolerate a humiliating military defeat, which will record the new status quo. This event, now may be the conflict the United States with North Korea and standing in her China.

Andrey Golovachev — economic analyst.