The delivery of missiles by Ukraine in the DPRK: the Ukrainians are very easy on the stuffing

It turns out that the great “new York times” was wrong, disastrously wrong, it turns out that many Ukrainian politicians considered serious allegations about the supply of Ukrainian rocket engines in North Korea — all of it was lies. And it turns out that many Ukrainians are very easily leads to stuffing even absurd information if it is thrown through Western sources.


“Pivdenmash” really makes rocket engines RD-843 — civil launch vehicles and sells them to a civilized country, thereby bringing greater benefits to Ukraine, and maintaining competency for production engines. But, of course, in KB “southern” are not the idiots, and they won’t risk huge market for its engines for the sake of absurd contacts with imposed sanctions and security services around the world North Korea. Of course, for Russia and other producers of Ukrainian engines — competitors on the world market, and the discrediting of the “Yuzhmash” — best business plan.


In 2012, the year of SBU detained the North Korean intelligence agent in the Ukraine, and he received a prison sentence, not Ukrainian technology.


“Pivdenmash” from the beginning, independence has been repeatedly accused and suspected of transferring missile technology, Yes, but never the stuffing in no way confirmed. Plant operations constantly monitors our Western partners, and it is thanks to the control and transparency of its work “Pivdenmash” has got official access to the European market.

You can’t buy a rocket engine ballistic missiles on the black market, under the counter. The transfer of rocket engine that passed some kind of disk with the drawings. It is a complicated technological process — materials, electronic system, technology, temperature, because the engine is the heart of the missile master node. And for the installation and production of missiles required engineers, technicians, designers, who should participate in the missile project, the whole team of specialists is needed. Of course, if at least one Ukrainian were sent to North Korea it would have been long known.


If Ukraine handed over some countries under sanctions strategic technology, security services USA and the EU have published this data much before any of the Newspapers.


The expert, who perverted the largest American newspaper “new York times,” which organized the stuffing already apologized and denied manipulation of the newspaper. Yes, the “new York times” is also wrong, and also writes nonsense sometimes. And this should be a lesson that no charges from abroad should not force the Ukrainians immediately blamed their own power and their own citizens without verification of the charges, the more serious.


The scandal was largely blown out of proportion by the Russian media and Ukrainian media that are associated with Russia — the fact that the expert initially said that among the suspected of selling technology to North Korea and also the Russian factories. And now to divert attention from the far more probable “Russian trace” in the information field has a focus exclusively on the involvement of Ukraine. But now it turned out, the expert does not believe in the involvement of the “Yuzhmash” — because this version have nothing to confirm. Sat expert, wrote a report, figured I’d Ukraine to enter the list of suspects, and on what basis, and what he knows about the situation at “Pivdenmash” — found nothing, and there are no arguments.


This story should be spread not less widely than had been distributed anti-stuffing. I hope that everyone who was misled and has promoted the dissemination of false information will now show responsibility and with no less diligence will circulate a rebuttal.