St. Petersburg motorcyclist lost on the road of 12 million rubles

The motorcyclist lost about 12 million rubles on the motorway in St. Petersburg, said on Thursday, June 8, “Fontanka”. The money fell out of a man’s backpack while on the move and scattered on the road.

As the newspaper notes, bills immediately attracted the attention of drivers. Motorists, including owners of prestigious foreign cars stayed on the track, picked them and left. At the same time, some of the workers serving the highway, took the money collected to the police.

The portal said that 40-year-old motorcyclist involved in the business, has addressed in law enforcement bodies with the statement for loss of funds. According to him, the incident occurred on the Western high-speed diameter (a toll highway in the city) 6 June, but to the police he decided to go only after a visit to the lawyer.

According to the news site, the man returned only about two million rubles.

In may, German Bavarian businessman, the motorcycle dropped on the highway a plastic bag with a daily revenue of nine thousand euros in small bills (about 570 thousand rubles). Police arrived on the scene temporarily blocked part of the road, to raise money. They failed to find only 1.5 thousand bills away.