Daughter trump scolded the adviser of the father for the scandal with the brand

The daughter of the President of the United States Donald trump Ivanka “scolded” key adviser to her father, Kellyann Conway because she got a stamp of her clothes in the scandal, reports Politico, citing a source close to the American leader.

The interlocutor of the edition explained that Ivanka trump scolded the Advisor for “the fact that she got her mark in a scandal involving ethics, and told her never to mention the name of the brand on television.”

Conway previously criticized the stores, uncooperative with the Ivanka Trump brand, and encouraged Americans to buy things of this brand. However, this could cause a conflict of interest because the President and his staff can’t serve the private interests of the relatives of the President. Subsequently, the Advisor apologized to Donald trump for the promotion of the brand. Trump accepted the apology and confirmed that “100%” maintains Conway. Earlier, the President said that to his daughter Ivanka have become unfairly treated, but did not call directly to buy clothes of her brand.

Last week, a chain of American Department stores Nordstrom refused to sell manufactured Ivanka trump clothing, citing low demand. The media circulated an email that was allegedly sent to all employees of the network in which the failure was associated with the decree of the President of trump on temporary restriction on entry into the United States from a number of countries. Then the refusal to renew relations with Ivanka said network luxury Department store Neiman Marcus. The decision also was motivated by low demand for its products. On Wednesday, the media reported that the network TJ Maxx although not officially refuses to sell clothes Ivanka Trump, removed the advertising associated with the brand her name will no longer be submitted on separate stands or shelves, as it was previously.