Gas, populism and “agents of the Kremlin”

Tariff populism, seems to have reached a climax. When the tariff on genocide shouts opposition — is clear. What else will she conquer the audience? Not an alternative program of reforms, in fact. But now this idiocy has involved the highest officials of the state. And it is not clear whether to laugh or cry. Let’s just look at the chronology of the statements.

On April 28 the national Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities, approved the subscription fees for connection to the gas supply system. It turned out that the people have to pay more for gas than it is now. Of course, a scandal. The opposition demanded the head of the head of the national Commission Dmitry Vovk, Lyashko said that will block the rostrum, and so on. As always, in General. But what power?

The people’s Deputy from BPP Irina Lutsenko, which was the main newsmaker in Ukrainian politics (we find out later that she was preparing for a new post), said that the Ukrainian opposition, criticizing the introduction of a subscriber fee for gas for the majority of their fellow citizens, working for the Kremlin.

“Tell the truth: you are not worried about 50 USD for 4% of Ukrainians and 12 billion dollars that could lose the Russian Gazprom. And do not dare to speculate on the Ukrainians when working for Moscow. It is the position of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko”, — she said and added that “Ukraine batters sucked from the finger “zrada”. According to Lutsenko, the fees will increase bills by only 4% of users. Strong statement, for which social networks Lutsenko was subjected to devastating criticism.

But the funny thing was later. First made by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. “Please reconsider the decision of the national Commission to prevent growth of the total cost of gas for individual categories of consumers. On the measures taken kindly requested to inform the Cabinet of Ministers”, — the statement says the head of the government. In this case, Groisman noted that, according to the analysts, the decision on fees could mean an increase of payments for gas for different categories of consumers is 1.3-3 times, which is unacceptable, because it will affect millions of households. “The government believes that any decisions to streamline the payment for the supply of gas in accordance with the law, should not lead to an increase in monthly fees subscribers,” the letter reads.

Oh, how uncomfortable happened. Is it all those two years that the national Commission prepared the introduction of a subscription fee (and this is allegedly demanded by our partners), Groysman was neither sleep nor the spirit of the possible consequences. And now I have been reading on the Internet numbers and decided to stand up for ordinary people. The Cabinet of Ministers is in fact innocent. And Dmitry Vovk and all earlier worked in “Roshen”, which means — the President’s man, and not Groisman.

Wolf himself said Groisman at Pendennis. He stated that against the cancellation fee for gas. According to him, the price of natural gas will increase three times, and twice. “And it can be reduced even further. Each consumer has the opportunity to reduce their subscription fee. Need to contact the gas companies. If within three months they physically will not replace your meter with a meter of another type, then they must automatically reduce bills. And you will not pay 90 hryvnia, as you said, and 28 UAH including VAT”, — said the head of the national Commission. And added that the national Commission will initiate the reduction of the tariff for heat. That is, the first national Commission assures that bills for gas will decrease by 4% (official statement on the regulator’s website), the wolf in social networks arguing with the experts, calling their settlement “a fake” and then recognizes that “the price of natural gas will increase twice”! Here is a sequence.

What about the President? Before he was always on the side of ordinary people, blaming the odious initiatives of bureaucrats and politicians. He did not betray me this time. Asked to suspend the introduction of a monthly fee and consult with people. You also do not know how to consult?

And the final outcome — Vovk said that it would delay the introduction of license fee for three months. “We will make additional transitional period in connection with the resonance and what we advocate that the decision of the Commission was protecting all consumers to one of citizens of Ukraine, no increase in felt”, he said. And what then were they doing for two years? Really it was impossible to count the numbers? The network experts in one day is considered and provided the layout for the new payment system. And the national Commission no calculator?

But the issue has been resolved. Not guilty. All the power saved.

What from this all follows? The first to blame the wolf? It does not matter that he is a man of the President. Groisman and Poroshenko had hung up all the dogs on him. Second — is it possible to believe at least some figures that give state agencies? In the case of with fee President and Prime Minister actually said that NKREKU lying in their calculations that the tariffs will grow. The third — and, perhaps, should be fired disgraced official? He lied, is working against its citizens, as hinted Groysman, so quit. Fourth — and who is the agent of the Kremlin? Irina Lutsenko said that the opponents of the license fee to Moscow. And the next day Groisman and Poroshenko spoke out against the license fee. Or is it Lutsenko says a lot too much? But then it should be demoted, not to appoint a presidential representative in the Verkhovna Rada. All the usual Comedy for the unenlightened, and when rates should be raised, and the rating is not to lose. But it turns out askew, awry, just now. And funny.