Merkel looked into Putin’s eyes

So the German Chancellor outlined the purpose of his unexpected visit to Russia before flying to Sochi. All anything, but only how she would look in the eyes of the Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko — a question that the exact answer yet. Although already clear.

The unexpected appearance of the German Chancellor in Sochi, after which all of Europe is glued to the screens waiting for the phone to trump’s conversation with Putin is the best response to what is happening in relations between the EU with Russia. What the skeptics say regarding the noose draped over the neck of the Russian economy and called the sanctions was clearly an ineffective means of isolating Russia.

Most commentators both in Russia and in Europe were forced to recognize that the economic damage Moscow, of course, suffered, but it could undermine Gorbachev or Yeltsin. In the case of the current President of Russia such form of relationship only adds to his perseverance.

We can say more: in the background of almost all annoying unconvincing policy of Kyiv national Democrats Putin looks even more convincing, while Crimea continues to hang on the neck of the Moscow unsupportable burden. Many may seem convincing and his argument expressed by the German Chancellor as a compelling argument in favor of some specifics of modern interstate relations, they say, you don’t meddle in our Affairs as we do not interfere in yours.

However, taken on Board the major powers, this is not a new principle (remember the famous Stalin: “Again, they with the morality of our business to interfere!”) quickly negate all of what keeps the modern world order. Another thing is that Merkel, like Trump, had to be convinced that the sanctions have not achieved their goal.

Besides, when Putin says that the economic shackles resulted in a loss only in the Russian-German cooperation is of the order of 30 billion dollars, “and behind them thousands of people”, then argue it is difficult because the growing army of unemployed in Germany was sympathetic to his position. Throughout this 2 may looked at the screens as the hour of the triumph: Merkel, six months ago refused any form of negotiations with Moscow, the suddenly smiling originated in Putin’s presidential residence in Sochi.

No, the contradictions on major issues of the Russian-Western agenda and remained unresolved. The Ukrainian question, from-for which has inflamed all cheese boron will not go away. But now the prospects of the Normandy format look more real. And if Moscow will be able to move forward on the issue of resuscitation of cooperation with Western partners Kiev will have to be more sensitive to criticism, which is heard in his address to the European capitals.

Accredited Sochi journalists could not fail to notice the constructive spirit of the parties, which is particularly significant that the last point was to deliver a telephone conversation between the master of the Kremlin with the American President. We are not talking about a political breakthrough. But there is a restoration business tone of the negotiations, the willingness of the parties to engage in dialogue on an equal basis, in a constructive way. The emphasis is on the prospects of coordination of actions of Russia and the USA in combating international terrorism in the context of the Syrian crisis, says the official report of Moscow.

The White house conversation of the presidents was called “very good”. According to the American side, the leaders discussed the creation of “safe zones of de-escalation” to achieve a lasting peace in Syria, the fight against terrorism “across the Middle East” and the “how best to resolve a very dangerous situation around North Korea”.

“Syrian” area can create the preconditions to start the real process of cooperation. But noteworthy is the absence of any positive agreements on the Ukrainian issue.

“Agreed that among the main tasks should be the breeding of forces and means of the parties to the conflict that will allow to stop the shelling, to establish a direct dialogue between Kiev and the unrecognized republics, to legislate the special status of the regions and on this basis to conduct elections there,” — said at a press conference the Russian leader.

So, Merkel has done his job and now can engage in the election, hoping to seriously improve his shaky was the situation. Putin appeared before the Russians, on their heads almost every day nature unleashes a devastating attack, solid and unshakable leader after Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin are particularly appreciative of the masses. Trump regained the position of head of global power, Americans can now be sure about the leadership in the world. And yet the main thing is different — gone is the tension that hovered in international relations since the Ukrainian crisis. But it’s worth it. We still Nezalezhnoy with their problems.

In the media they say that Kiev will have to take into account certain international realities. If so, then the question arises, and the extent to which promised to take them into account Putin? I think, as usual, in the next few days the leak will be informed of all of us. Putin and Merkel stated the stalling of the implementation of the Minsk agreements. “Russia and Germany no clear understanding of how to give impetus to Kiev on the implementation of the Minsk agreements,” — explained the situation Peskov, press Secretary of the Russian President.

Putin and trump has supported the continuation of contacts on the phone, and in favor of the organization of personal meetings in relation to the meeting of the summit “group of twenty” on 7-8 July in Hamburg. As they say, and thanks for that.