In the heating season to pay less in Ukraine began issuing “warm loans”

State-owned banks on August 14 resumed the “warm loans.” The Ukrainians, who are preparing for the heating season, may at the expense of the state to offset part of the cost of insulation, replacement of Windows and purchase of non-gas boiler – from 20 to 40% (for condominium homes with subsidence – up to 70%) will give from the budget, the rest can be paid in small parts for several years. The website “Today” to figure out where and who can get a “warm credit” and how it can be spent.

How the program works

“Warm loans” began to give the Ukrainians in 2014. During this time of budget spent billions of hryvnia. The money was given to state-owned banks (now joined by the nationalized “Private”). The main disadvantage of the program – no one controls whether the money spent to improve the energy efficiency of the building. The majority of Ukrainians using the “warm credits” bought a metal box. What if the house is not metered for heat and individual heat point (ITP), new Windows did not help to save money and improve comfort.

In 2016 on the “warm loans” has allocated $ 884 million. 67% of this amount spent on the replacement of Windows. The program became so popular that in June the money ran out and the grant money was suspended. In 2017 to “warm loans” an additional $ 400 million hryvnia.

“The last heating season proved that the modernization of the housing allows a fraction to pay for utilities,” – say the Agency Saee. According to them, if in a well insulated house to install the meter and ETC, you can pay 80% less. However, houses that don’t need to insulate, in Ukraine not so much. 90% of high-rise buildings, according to the Ministry of regional development, construction and housing and communal services, it is necessary to thalamogeniculate. “90% of all high-rise buildings require thermo. Of these, 60-70% of homes built in the years of industrial construction on model series”, – reported in Department.

“The last heating season proved that the modernization of the housing allows a fraction to pay for utilities,” – say the Agency Saee.

It should be noted that to insulate a house without an energy audit it is impossible. So, if you select the wrong layer of insulation, may shift the point of Rossy and the apartments will have mold.

“Preliminary energy audit will allow you to avoid typical mistakes with insulation. In the report about energy audit specifies the requirements for insulation are based on state construction standards,” explains the communications Manager of the DTEK ESKO Anton Kovalishin.

According to the expert, the energy auditor will also recommend in what order to implement energy efficiency measures, calculate their cost and tell you where to find financing (energoserwis, warm credits).

“It is desirable to conduct an energy audit of the house, since opportunities for energy savings lie outside the individual apartments. Energy audits of individual apartments can also be ordered, for example, before you purchase, rent, repair or if there are complaints that a particular room is too hot or too cold,” – said Anton Kovalishin.

Every Ukrainian family (or condominium) may apply to one of the state banks (“Oschadbank”, “Ukreximbank”, “Private” or “UGB”) to provide credit for actions to improve energy efficiency. According to government estimates, “heat credits” already used 280 thousand families. 70% of the credit compensates those who have applied for a grant and 30% of those who are not entitled to a subsidy. The maximum amount that can compensate for state – 14 thousand hryvnias.

Experts on energy efficiency Anna Shumeyko explains 33% of heat lost due to poor insulation of the walls. Insulation per square meter of exterior wall foam costs about 300 UAH. The minimum area of thermal insulation, – 20 square feet – will cost about 6 thousand hryvnias. According to the program “Warm house”, those who have decorated the subsidy will have to pay 1800 hryvnias, the rest – 4200 UAH. However, it is worth considering that in apartment houses it is necessary to insulate not separate apartment, and the whole house perimeter.
Some Ukrainians faced problems when making a “warm loans.” So, family who have a credit card from another Bank can refuse to issue a “warm” debt.

“My official income is minimal – the employer pays part of the envelope. Wanted to get credit in the “Oshchadbank” on the window. All made, as expected. Brought them a certificate of grant a certificate of employment. Two weeks later I said I credit can not give up until I can’t get a credit card with another Bank. But really I have no credit, and a credit card with a limit! I was told that checked me in to some system and decided not to give “warm credit” until the card is closed!”, – says a resident of Dnipropetrovsk region Irina. In the Bank “Today” explained the loan can really deny that if managers have doubts about whether the debtor to recover the funds.

Ukrainians expect the expansion of the programme “warm loans” and the purchase of electric boilers and electric radiators, which, according to experts, allow you to pay a third less for heat, if you compare with gas or Central heating. For example, such “warm loans” I hope the residents of Novomoskovsk (Dnepropetrovsk region). This city, according to the Secretary of city Council Sergey Goroshko, the fall will gradually withdraw from inefficient Central heating and move people to individual heating.

Energy efficient package: what will change in the near future

The President in July signed a law “On energy efficiency Fund (PE)”. The Fund, as stated by Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko, should have been updated in April this year. However, the adoption of the necessary legislation took longer than planned the government. FE will be another tool for financing heat modernization.

In contrast to the “warm loans,” the Fund will work closely with the auditors. From the budget of Ukraine in FE will send 800 million, 25 million euros will highlight Germany and another 100 million Euro of European Union. Funds will be directed to loans to owners of private houses and condominiums. Before to participate in the program, they need to choose product and Fund to conduct energy audit. A professional auditor will determine what activities you need to spend and make a budget. After documents must be submitted to the Bank, which will credit payment of contractors and materials. At the end of the work the Foundation will hold another energoaudit in order to check the result of modernization.

The Fund will earn after Ukraine will take the whole “energy efficient” package of laws. Already adopted and the President signed a law “On commercial accounting of thermal energy and water supply” and “On energy efficiency of buildings”. Now in all high-rise buildings must be installed meters for heat and water.

Next year the owners of buildings will inspect the energy performance certificate. These buildings, according to the law “On energy efficiency…” include: buildings, buildings of local and public authorities, budgetary institutions, if there is upgrading. To pay for an energy audit and certificate to be the owner or the lessee. However, the act specifies: documents will check only at the beginning of next year.

Also the Verkhovna Rada will adopt the law “On housing and communal services”, which was approved in the first reading. A new edition of the law “On housing and communal services” involves the introduction of penalties. For each day of delay will be charged a “penalty” in the amount of 0,1% of the debt. Penalty will be assessed after the 20th day.