“The health system in Ukraine”: Stepanov recorded a video message

The Minister said about the political pressure and attacks in the media

Health Minister Maxim Stepanov said people who criticize the work of the Ministry of health, and recalled the lack of results of reforming the healthcare industry in Ukraine over the past five years. He said this in his video.

According to him, over 30 years, no one in our country has not built a health care system where every citizen would feel secure.

“Recently, the Ministry of health remembered in a negative tone, is accused of all possible and impossible crimes. Carried out media attacks and political pressure. Therefore, I consider it necessary to clarify the situation. As a Minister for two months and I can say – the health system in Ukraine. This is a separate fragments of the Soviet past, pieces of abstract of unfulfilled projects of the future, the lack of proper regulatory and resource base, and the system is completely destroyed,” – said Stepanov.

He noted that today the information field is divided into two camps: the first adherents of the so-called “fake reforms”, which had absolute power and almost 4 years of experimenting with the Ukrainian medicine; on the other hand, doctors and health workers who were faced with the threat of dismissal.

“Now these so-called reformers have become critics of anything, just to make noise to distract the Ukrainians from the failures of their activities. All they got is the threat of dismissal of tens of thousands of physicians and closing of hundreds of hospitals, the shortage of medicines and medical equipment, the outflow of Ukrainian doctors abroad. This is the results of their practices… As the President ordered, we will correct the mistakes made five years ago in the planning of health reform… I’m not afraid of any attack and ready to defend our position until the end, because I know – we have a strong team. We will do so for the Ukrainians to get quality and affordable medicine,” – concluded the Minister.

As reported “Today”, recently Stepanov said that the Ministry of health will create new tariffs for medical services. He assured that he would do everything to prevent the closure of hospitals and dismissal of doctors.

Also he said that will change in madrepore. The Minister believes that the tariffs for medical services must be fair.