Putin used tactics trump with fake news against him

Global information war fell into the mirror. On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the government of Donald trump, which constantly berates the American press for spreading false news, writing fake news against him. According to Putin, the US claims that Syria used chemical weapons against its own people, this is a provocative operation under a false guise, and that the administration trump is preparing a new series of fake news about the chemical war in order to justify the second missile strike.

Putin’s statement conjures up a picture of the first meeting between the Russian and American presidents, which turns into a comic verbal sparring: Putin says trump is spreading fake news, trump said in response that the accusations of Putin in the distribution of fake news is the fake news.

“It’s a fake!”

“No, you’re spreading a fake!”

“No, my friend Putin. Although I admire your strength and willingness to speak against me, the leader of the strongest nation in the world, your assertion that my allegations about the fake news is fake is itself a fake.”

“You’re a liar!”

“No. I have to be honest. Didn’t want to say it, but I will say: people say that you’re more than a liar.”

And so on. The real truth about the chemical attack is that lying mouth of Putin was forced by trump to endorse the findings and to call the faithful application of his own intelligence establishment — that which he was repeatedly vilified on Twitter and compared with the Nazis. The white house has unveiled a damning materials about Syrian chemical weapons and how it is applied, and the Russian rebuttal called “vygorazhivaniya”. Intelligence in its conclusions, does not stop the chemical attacks, and goes further, claiming that the denial is a standard practice of the Putin regime. “Moscow’s reaction to the attack on 4 April is consistent with how she reacts to other egregious actions. The Kremlin distributes a large amount of conflicting information to create confusion and sow doubt in the international community,” reads its statement.

The need to prove the legality and validity of the missile strike, in fact, forced trump to join the view of the intelligence services. Now he is tied to the version of the intelligence about the Syrian attacks, and in the future it will be difficult to contradict the statements of its spies. And these official statements may appear unpleasant news about his presidential campaign, which is already under investigation regarding alleged contacts with the Russian representatives. Baby Donald will have to cross new boundaries krivodushiya in order to declare that intelligence has provided the right justification for a start-up 59 “Tomahawk” and create a diplomatic crisis with Moscow, but her insights about the Russian intervention inaccurate, and no investigation is not necessary.

However, trump is still able to slip off the hook of the investigation, which may make impartial conclusions about violations and even criminal acts during the campaign. As shown by trump during the race, he will do anything to hide the horrible truth about their views and behavior. Being a master of distraction, he has at his disposal an Arsenal of bright news that can use almost instantly to guide a national debate in the right direction or get them to a standstill. Alas, the President’s commitment to truth is in complete accordance with his character. It depends on the situation, as evidenced by the conclusions about chemical weapons. Trump can escape from any corner, you’ll trap him.

To escape, he maybe so, but will his actions go unpunished? In recent months, he constantly insists on “fake news,” dismissive comments about the media and acts contrary to the truth. The unintended consequence of this behavior is that the most loyal followers trump began to doubt the veracity of any news, is anyone calling them fake. When Putin, who is the chief distributor of disinformation, calls the news about the chemical attack fake, and using his foresight announces that the United States plans a new information again to strike, he resorts to a long tradition of their country to spread lies, and the truth to be called liars.

But Putin also enjoys recommendations from a script of Donald trump, which says that the truth can show selectively when it fits your immediate needs and future desires. “Putin comes out and lying in your face, trying to say “the Facts don’t exist, and so you can’t argue with me”,” says the Russian (SIC — approx. lane) journalist Peter Pomerantsev. Putin was not created by the long tongue of the trump. But trump is watered and fertilized by the compost in which the Russian leader grows his own poisonous plants. Fake news generate strange alliances.