Putin — the tamer of the Russian soul

To 40 years Putin was an unknown, a scout of the second rank, the son of a modest master-Communist railcar. Now he feels confident in the corridors of the Russian elite. Putin reached the pinnacle of power firmly settled in the Kremlin, surrounded by the Golden splendor of the halls, absorbed the wealth and luxury of Russian tsars. The rise of Vladimir Putin is 170 centimeters. He’s muscular physique. Has a Slavic face type and cool look.


Putin was born in 1952 in Leningrad. The Putin family lived in a communal apartment together with other ordinary Soviet families who were forced to share a common bath and kitchen. Putin recalled that he was a bully, not a pioneer. Vladimir Putin did not immediately understand and accept the laws of a domestic world. Because he lived in the yard at first difficult. Any dispute ended in a fight and had to be able to fend for themselves. Putin didn’t like to lose.


Putin’s personality is largely shaped on the street. After graduation, he entered the law Department of Leningrad state University, graduating in 1975. In the late 70’s-early 80-ies, Putin graduated from the Moscow Higher school of KGB. In 1985, he went to GDR and worked there until 1990. He served in the territorial reconnaissance point in Dresden. Putin became witnesses of the fall of the Berlin wall.


Vladimir Putin had on their skin to experience what the crisis of a superpower. In December 1989, an angry mob stormed the Dresden regional office of the Stasi. Just around the corner stands the building of the KGB. It also enters the field of view of the demonstrators. The situation is heating up. Being the duty officer, Putin was forced to become in the door and appeal to the demonstrators not to attempt to enter the territory by force. He threatened that they have the right to use weapons in case of emergency. His words forced the activists to retreat. The KGB leadership in Moscow has taken note.


The Soviet Empire was falling apart. Putin had to return to Leningrad, and he even thought about going to work taksistom on the “Volga”, which was brought from Germany. Along with the car, dishwasher and other household appliances, Putin brought with him and the secret archives of the Ministry of state security — “Stasi”. Subsequently, Putin, being the Chairman of the Committee for external relations of St. Petersburg city hall used them in his work. At that time the mayor of St. Petersburg was Anatoly Sobchak, who was Putin’s covered. After Sobchak lost the mayoral election in St. Petersburg, he was charged with corruption. Then Putin has prepared and implemented the sudden departure of Sobchak to Paris.


Better not to ask how Putin managed to reach the heights of power. Had not only to keep the blows of political opponents, but also to strike the competitors, to receive the blessing for the presidency from an enfeebled Boris Yeltsin. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the country has become a chief supplier of prostitutes to Europe, and the bandits with heavy gold chains and crimson jackets have become the “new Russian”.


After coming to power, Putin has offered Russians to return the country to its former power and to force the West to respect Russia. The Russian leader knows the Russian soul. He is confident that the Russian need the carrot and the stick, and not freedom and individual rights. Only then he will be happy and satisfied with their lives when you get a spanking, will be fed, but also Russian people should feel a sense of superiority over everything and everyone.


Putin believes that iron fist always inspires more fear than anger, so he as the weapon began to use diplomatic silence. It helps steel the look of a professional player who knows all the cards of the opponent and never bluffing.


Watch eyes of Putin. The Russian leader prefers, to him more feared than loved, and prefers to be admired as an alpha male. Few political leaders of the world photographed for the official pictures of bare-chested on horseback.


Vladimir Putin persistently cultivates the image of power and outright male power, following the conventional wisdom of Machiavelli — if you are going to strike, do it hard, fast, and only once. It did so Putin, when on 23 October 2002 about 50 Chechen terrorists took 800 hostages in the Dubrovka theater in Moscow. With absolute composure, it was decided through the vent pipe to pump sleeping gas and begin storming the building, which killed 170 people.


Easily Putin seized the Crimea, bombed Syria, interferes in the electoral process in the United States, thereby substituting trump. Putin fanatic order. He became not only tamer of the Russian soul, but wild tiger, who grabbed tightly behind the head of the state and does not want to release the prey from his grasping claws.