How to cheer up without a single Cup coffee: TOP 7 right products

To be alert and fresh the morning it is not necessary to drink gallons of coffee. This tells the nutritionist from new York Keri Glassman.

She called seven foods that give strength and energy, reports “New time”.

According to a nutritionist, a feeling of lethargy is directly related to diet, so to boost, you can use the right products that saturate the body with vitamins, minerals, and promote good digestion. Nutritionist offers add to morning diet the following products:

1. Dark chocolate

As the expert says, chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 80% – a good source of energy. Due to the large number of antioxidants and low sugar content, dark chocolate gives energy and improves mood. To get the maximum benefit from the product, enough for 2-3 slices.

2. Ginger

Essential oils contained in ginger, help to get rid of apathy and lethargy. In addition, thanks to vitamins and amino acids, ginger helps to boost immunity and improve digestion.

3. Citrus

Due to the high content of vitamin C and antioxidants, citrus fruits fortify the nervous system and energize the body with energy. Of particular use are the oranges, lemons and grapefruity.

4. Almonds

Walnut is rich in antioxidants and phosphorus, making it useful for mental performance and the nervous system. In addition, it improves sleep and digestion.

5. Pumpkin seeds

They contain magnesium, iron, calcium, protein and other vitamins and minerals, which together increase efficiency. Also, they are beneficial to the digestion and nervous system.

6. Blueberries

She is known for many useful properties. One of them is the increase in brain activity. Also, blueberries combats drowsiness, dizziness and apathy.

7. Garnet

The fruit contains calcium, magnesium and potassium, which play an important role in good physical and mental health. Thanks to its unique composition it provides energy, increases resistance to infections, stimulates the appetite.