How to collect the children to school in different countries

Every year in late August to families with students hot. Soon the school, and parents go, and pass a medical examination, and the student’s Arsenal to buy. In addition, parent meetings will be asked to chip in to the funds of the class and school. All this is a serious burden on the family budget: as already I wrote “Today”, only school uniform takes 1000-1500 UAH the average salary in Kiev is about 7500 UAH (in Poltava — 3900).

Fortune and contributions to the endless needs of the school, and hundreds or thousands depending on the appetites of the administration. Foreigners to our problems do not understand — a world where he never knew of the Soviet deficits, not to buy the children clothes and the office of the times and a year. Formalities like medical examinations there, and extracurricular expenses, unlike our schools abroad is really voluntary. We found out what students in different countries.

In Georgia, for example, the form is not necessary or it is given by the school. The office is expensive, try to take the bulk in the markets, but the sum is still — at least 320 gel with an average salary of 630 (private school — 5000 gel). Money for repairs is collected, gifts for teachers forbidden: secretly can to chip in 5 gel on the flowers for the big celebration. And first-graders in gosshkolah give simple laptops so convenient letters to teach.


Julia Najjar works under the contract in one of the private schools and the Aegean coast of Turkey. “Here in free kids workout until the hour of the day and go home, and in private they take up to 5-6 PM. Very convenient for working parents, she says. In the private program richer, and government teachers often work without straining. Despite the fact that to become a teacher in Turkey and then get a high-paying job in hasscale — a very prestigious, but because — Oh how difficult.” But teachers forgiven much, because in this country, according to Julia, attitude is traditionally special.

A GENEROUS SOUL. To give gifts and bribes to teachers is strictly forbidden, anywhere security cameras, and punished it severely. But for the holidays (teacher’s Day, mother’s Day, end of school year), the Director usually turns a blind eye. Teachers are presented with flowers, interior design items like figurines, and rodkami trying to outdo each other.

“On the Day of the teacher of the 25 students in the class brought all 25. I went home, hung with the folds, — says Yulia. — At the end of the school year to bestow taken off the head to toe. I was handed a box, and there is an expensive gold necklace and a list with 16 names of those who donated money.”

To the children are treated well, the Turks are ready for more. “My husband went to the teacher, they say, can help and this and that. I explained otherwise, she’ll think we’re not interested in the Affairs of the child” — gives the example the mother of a first grader Valentine from Izmir Turan.


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And yet there is love Grand gestures. In a private school, where he taught Julia, the kids were class games. Once the parents of one pupil, beaming, brought back expensive gaming swing. “The other one saw and the next day brought a gorgeous baby piano. A chain reaction had begun flaunting gifts,” says Julia Najjar.

Special test for private school teachers — home visits to check conditions for training of pupils. “Surrounded by attention, a sweet treat (and try not to eat!), and you have to sit and Twitter, describing a teacher-methodologist of luck. The child climbs on a stool and reads poems, and mom and dad are starting to wash the bones of other parents. Goodbye to trying to cram in the bag of gifts and asking to pay for a child “special attention”.

SCHOOL FEES. Each school has its own form. Three times were without it for a week separate from lessons, says Julia. Set of 6 pieces costs around $50. In the private elementary school Julia asked me to buy for my daughter backpack, water bottle and lunch box. Diaries (where teachers write down how the child ate, behaved, and what he was struggling) give school, homework — printouts. In gosshkolah may be asked to pay for textbooks.

“Education is free, but they constantly need something on the computer, on educational materials, — says Julia. In private all this is already included in the payment amount. However, once we gathered the Director — you need to change the curtains. If one of the parents may get a discount, ask for it or declare that it is necessary to chip in”.

In such cases, teachers fall into an awkward position, says Julia: parents are already laid out for study $3000-6000, and, as a rule, is at least a couple of people not willing to donate further. And although contributions are voluntary, these other parents are watching, of course, a wolf.

“Also spent on buses-delivery — about $40 per month. Collect money for a joint picnic of parents with children (monthly),” says Julia Najjar. Several thousand dollars in tangible consumption for Turkish families (the average salary in different cities — $520-720), but education in a private school is available to almost everyone, thanks to a system of discounts. Can arrange payment installments during the year, pedsostav has a 50% discount, children are half-orphans, too.

“For admission to school pass the exam. 10 children who showed the best results, also pay half of the amount — says the Ukrainian. And this is a very fair exams: class bristling with cameras, each teacher monitored, so the chance was not supporting.”

In the East. Teacher — high salary, and jewelry


All the decent schools in India are private. That built the state, for quite poor, even feeding, says Galina Choudhary from Delhi. “It is very difficult to get a place in school, parents are stressed out already with 3-4 years of child’s age, — she complains. — Each candidate gets points, “respect of persons”. More chances, if the child’s parents graduated from the same institution, it teaches the older siblings”.
At the beginning of the school year, parents of every student make a contribution of $500 (entry fee) and then pay 200 on a quarterly basis (the average monthly salary in Delhi — $670 in the province may not be as high as 200). In the more prestigious areas of elite school costs about $3,000 a year. “The form only buy in certain stores, they are often in the school building or nearby. This strictly: if the student came without it, I’ll let the second will not allow for the training”, — says Galina. Textbooks, notebooks are bought in a set with the office, together with the form this is worth 100 dollars.

THE LOCAL ORDER. Lessons in Indian schools start at 8:00 with line. Children play drums, accordions, read the prayer (the established sample, regardless of religion), singing the national anthem. Then 6 lessons without a single change. “The lesson finished, the children have not copied the homework from the Board, what comes next teacher and all erase — describes the process a resident of Delhi. Around 12:00, however, there is a small break for lunch. It is given in lunch boxes from home: steamed vegetables, tortillas, chapatis, sandwiches. Rice or soup is prohibited.”

The learning process is complex. In the class of 45 students. “1st class race begins: the child spends half day lessons, and then another, deals with a tutor at home, she says. — I spent two years tried to tighten it myself, but to no avail. Hired a teacher for a month, taught her to read and write (services — $30-40 per month)”. The teaching methodology is quite different, said the former ternopoljanyn, with an emphasis on rote learning. So, Indian multiplication table exceeds 10: 11х2, 11х3 — and then you need to know by heart! After each trimester with 1st class exams. “Put one at the Desk and give the forms with jobs and wet seals,” — says Galina.

STRICTLY ON A CHECK. In addition to the prescribed fees, the school does not charge anything, and teachers are forbidden to accept any gifts. Paid is spent for the purpose: children bring drinking water in classrooms air-conditioning, bars on the Windows. “The protection of special attention: the high perimeter fence, barbed wire. In addition to peacocks and chipmunks, in the yard of a stranger can’t get to,” says the mother of the schoolgirl. At the end of each month — parent meeting, but we are talking not about handing money: “Come, but the progress of each pupil teacher is discussing alone with each parent,” — emphasizes the Ukrainian.

The features of the process. In the poorest schools, even part no


“Only buy school uniform, shoes and backpack. The rest is provided by the school,” says Marina Osiychuk, mother of elementary school pupils from Yorkshire. — A form is considered a social product — it is cheaper, than in Ukraine, and better”. Nice dress — 7 pounds (about 300 UAH), and prices are the same in all stores — at least in the brand, even in supermarkets. Preschool panic among the English mom is not observed: “a couple of days before school started, go to the nearest store. Buy for my daughter a blouse (3-4 lbs), dress (5-7), pants (5-7), panties (6-8), socks (4-5), Mikey (4-6), backpack (10) — describes the process Osiychuk. — To collect the child in school — penny: all only without shoes for a year costs £ 50 (1200-1300 UAH) — with a minimum monthly salary of 1000 pounds.”

WAYS TO MAKE MONEY. For 3 years, she said, no money from parents “to the class Fund” is not collected once. But in the “pocket” amounts, the administration sometimes still need. “From time to time the school arranges fairs, she says. Parents send letters: donate, someone that can (sweets, books, stationery). This is all used as prizes.” Teacher organises various quizzes and sports competitions, participation in which pay a nominal fee (our money — about UAH). A couple of days before the event, the school is selling raffle tickets — prize — 100 pounds, they buy a lot of everything.

GIFTS. Modest gifts are allowed to do to the teachers at Christmas and at the end of the school year. For such purposes, the parents do not cooperate — it is an individual matter. “Usually the kids choose what to donate: toys, handmade Souvenirs, or just a postcard — says Marina Osiychuk. — Some parents — wine or candy. But teachers do return gifts, and the candy handed out”.

Cheap. Collect child to school can be for £ 50


Son of Irina Kogut of Copenhagen this year, is in third grade. In Denmark, school begins mid-August, so there is long shot with procurement. However, according to Ukrainka hype around fees there is a maximum of supermarkets lay out school supplies in a wider range.

“The school provides textbooks and notebooks (special workers already with jobs), and in high school — computers and even tablets for work. Buy is a backpack and a pencil case with content”, — says Irina.

Form in the Danish schools are not only in the most conservative, so school fees are no different from an ordinary trip to the supermarket. “Backpacks few updates every year, they are high quality and comfortable. Son 3 year old,” she says. — In General the family income these costs are minuscule.”

Excellent orthopedic backpack — about 100 euros, but you can for 50, if it is from last year’s collection, the rest is detail. “Medical examinations there. During the year, meet with the school nurse, but that are more interested in the psychological state of the child. And the whole history of vaccination in the medical database, online journal, opened to every citizen of the country,” says the mother of a third grader.

SVERRISHOLA. The cashier class is paid once a year amount for the particular needs of children (like prizes for contests or trips to the Museum) is about 30 euros each. The Fund manages the parent Committee reports to the penny. “We’re collecting for symbolic gifts to teachers at the end of the school year. These can be elements of design dishes (not sets), gift certificate to the event, even jewelry,” — says Irina.

LOCAL HIGHLIGHTS. In Denmark schools — public and private, in the latest tuition fee is about 200 euros a month, and it is inexpensive (the average salary in Copenhagen — 2725 euros). “But you have to wait 4-5 years to take. It is believed that private more attention to the child, carefully selected pedsostav and always bias in some of the disciplines,” she explains. Problems repairs parents do not strain is a concern of local authorities like the district councils. And the tuition fee includes the cost of textbooks and special programs. Also in kindergartens in the last year to create a “school groups” — children who have to go to school, every day for an hour going to a “thing”. With them involved, accustomed to a seat at the Desk and the very concept of “job”.

“All who are in the current year 6 is performed, be sure to go to school. Regardless of the date of birth, — says Irina. — In kindergarten learning to read and count, but the main thing — to sit out for 45 minutes on the lesson and just be with each other (socialization). In each class — 1-2 children with special needs. In our is a girl with dyslexia (specific reading disorder), the children love her and care, son is very proud when she could do something to help”.

School. Study in Denmark — fun for kids and for parents