As a defense of Russia depends on imports

The fact that until recently could be taken for a joke or a bad joke — it has happened. The degradation of the Russian defense industry is entering new frontiers and trends are that soon we will know many interesting.

So, for several years, aware of the fact that the United States still took their partners, forcing them to stop deliveries to Russia of critical components and assemblies for military equipment and weapons. This forced Russia to look for a replacement, that they themselves can not produce and recognized manufacturers to buy not give. As might be expected, the search went in the direction of the East. If earlier China was a pump, pumping out of RF technology and military equipment, established in the scoop, then over time, the direction has changed and now Russia buys ready nodes or system of the Chinese. Since the weakest point of the Russian defense industry was, is and will be until Russia falls apart, electronics, it is saturated with electronics units and steel imported from China.

In addition, Russia has strongly developed cooperation in the production of weapons with India. The Indians also made up for the gaps in the Russian defence industry for its e-nodes. What is most interesting, all this stuff is required in increasing quantities for new equipment or that which is the result of deep modernization of already known products. So, Indian equipment should occupy a significant portion of the onboard systems, the latest multipurpose fighter FAK-PA. As repeatedly wrote themselves Russian observers, without cooperation with the Indians, the plane is simply impossible to bring to the project. But for various reasons the cooperation, which was expected, the Russians — didn’t happen. This was one of the reasons for the silence about the achievements of the creators of the aircraft, which was replaced by the official communiques and the ode, played for several years.

The result is that the Russian defense industry gradually transplanted to Chinese iron, and as you know, the Chinese have several thousand years of the history of trade and war. Therefore, they not put the newest products, the most functional and most likely having certain characteristics, which they will be able to influence, if necessary. In short, in the event of armed conflict of the Russian Federation with China, Russian equipment and weapons can suddenly and efficiently to fail or lose a significant portion of their functionality.

It would seem that once-advanced defense industry scoop, mostly inherited of the Russian Federation in the form of development, technologies and businesses, has long served as a counterweight to the West, should be further developed, though not higher rates, but it did not happen. Even huge funds poured into its depths, are unable to resurrect once a huge edifice. And now the defense of the Russian Federation is critically dependent on imports.

It is clear that China lags behind the leading arms manufacturers of the West, at least for a generation, and what it offers for export, has even less. In General, if the Russians buy for their military equipment and weapons, it speaks of complete hopelessness.

But it turned out that it was not yet the bottom. The German newspaper Welt reported that Iran supplies Russia a kind of equipment for defense purposes, in circumvention of the sanctions. It is reported that from Iran to the base of the Russian air force in the Syrian Hamim twice came transport planes from Iran were there and unloaded some cargo, which is then delivered to the base of the MTS of the Russian Navy in Tartus and was loaded on the transport ships, which took him to ports of the Russian Federation.

That is, Iran already produces something that is not in Russia, and what it can produce. In this regard, in the near future we should expect the supply of military components and assemblies from Venezuela, North Korea and Zimbabwe. After that, it would be difficult to break through the bottom. Although, there is still Vanuatu and a couple of industrial powers, to the level of which gradually comes to the Russian Federation.

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