Ilovaisky tragedy: Ukraine has sent information to the Hague

The office of the Prosecutor of the International criminal court to address the issue of opening of criminal proceedings by the Chief military Prosecutor’s office sent information about gathered evidence of war crimes (including the murder of the Ukrainian military near Ilovaysk). About it reports a press-service GPU.

The GPU noted that during the investigation only in the period of 2016-2017 years, interviewed more than 800 Ukrainian military and other entities on the known circumstances of the tragedy Ilovaiskaya and execution units of the armed forces of war crimes.


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According to the results of the investigation in this period to criminal responsibility for waging aggressive war against Ukraine and other war crimes attracted 55 people, including 32 citizens of the Russian Federation. The court directed the 32 indictments against 33 individuals (12 of them citizens of the Russian Federation). The verdicts of courts in 2016 and first half 2017 22 people have already been convicted (8 – citizens of the Russian Federation).

In addition, for use in the International court of justice and the European court of human rights while maintaining claims against the Russian Federation in the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Ministry of justice of Ukraine Chief military Prosecutor’s office presented evidence of the conduct of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and the financing of terrorism.


  • Ilovaisky tragedy: GPU announced the results of the investigation

It is also reported that the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine has completed the investigation of the Ilovaisk tragedy in the zone of the antiterrorist operation in the Donbas in 2014.

We will remind, in August 2014, was the scene of bitter fighting for the city of Ilovaisk in Donetsk region, which 29 numbers ended in a mass destruction of the Ukrainian military.