It seems that the US and North Korea — on the brink of war

If between the United States and North Korea break out a nuclear war, who will be the winner? In whom would you believe more, the President of Donald trump or of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN?

A nuclear war?

Of course, another question is, what will the new war, nuclear or conventional. Because America had fought with North Korea in 1950. Moreover, America has waged this war by connecting the UN has all its allies, including Turkey. And on the side of North Korea were military of Communist China. Due to the war, Kim Il sung, grandfather of current leader Kim Jong-UN, became the legendary leader of his country.

The previous war

It was intense conventional war. The American commander, General Douglas MacArthur (MacArthur) had almost expanded the war into Chinese territory. Fortunately, President Truman sent MacArthur into retirement. Further, an agreement was signed on ceasefire, and the 38th parallel became the border between North and South Korea. In short, in this war, America failed to take over North Korea, which focused on the occupation of South Korea.

The Turkish brigade

From us in this war was attended by the brigade numbering five thousand. The Turkish brigade went to Korea by sea and landed at the port of Busan. Because our military is there was anyone who could manage trucks GMC provided by the Americans to transport crews to the front, the team has long waited for the arrival of the drivers are from Turkey. After transferring to the front there was a “battle for Konori”, which I remember still. As a result, in the Korean war we lost 450 people. The highest-ranking officer killed after the ceasefire, was a Turkish major, shot by snipers.

Nuclear rigmarole

The only country on the globe that has experience in the field of nuclear war — America. The wounds that were caused by American atomic bombs dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was raw still. But trump, and Kim Jong-UN really just talking about nuclear power as if it never happened. Like next week North Korea will drop an atomic bomb on the island of GUAM, and trump is on North Korea.

In this case, we can say… may Allah Give to all prudence!