Subsidies will return to the budget: how the new order of “discounts”

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, according to resolution No. 300, adopted the decision from the first of may of this year to calculate the subsidies in new ways. So, the discount is now not entitled to the Ukrainians, who during the heating season issued subsidies, but are in arrears at least two months. In addition, if before the budget return only the overpayment for heating, according to a new document, from the accounts of Ukrainians write off overpayment for cold and hot water.

Return to the budget

The subsidy is assigned to a social norm of consumption. If you spend less than normal, but to pay a “mandatory fee” will appear as an overpayment. Before such overpayment is passed to the next month. That is to save was beneficial – if this month to spend less, the next less pay. After adoption of the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers No. 300, every six months, the overpayment for cold and hot water will be returned to the budget. And in the heating season from the accounts of Ukrainians also write off the overpayment for heating. “According to the resolution, the overpayment for cold and hot water at the end of the season, which was administered the grant will be returned to the budget”, – explained to “Today” on the hotline of the Cabinet of Ministers.

An exception was made for the Ukrainians, who heat their homes or apartments with gas or electricity. In their accounts will leave the overpayment to the equivalent of 100 cubic meters of gas and 150 kWh of electricity, and the rest will be written off. For example, last winter, heating a house with an area of 70 squares gave 385 cubic meters of gas. During the heating season, the state gives a discount to 2310 cubic meters. If instead of spending 300 385 cubes, six months going the “extra” 510 cubic meters, and the amount of the overpayment will reach 3500 hryvnia. Of the amount saved to the Bank card subsidient will list 690 hryvnias, the rest is returned to the state budget.

If the family uses for heating, electricity, they will refund the amount 174 of the hryvnia.

Note, a few months ago in the Cabinet of Ministers urged subsidianes to save for that next month to pay less. Now subsidiaty those who save and spend less to heat, cold and hot water, complain that they were left with nothing.

Debtors will be left without discounts

From the first of may is assigned to the grant for next season – from may to October. If the social security authorities will receive information that subsidence have debts for communal for at least two months, the subsidy is not extended.

By the way, according to the state statistics service, as of April 2017, the Ukrainians owe for heating and hot water more 10.4 billion hryvnia for gas – 7.1 billion, for water – 2.5 billion UAH. In a typical high-rise building utility bills are not closed every fifth apartment. Most often debts accumulate over the winter, and in summer to repay.

If the debtor wants to get a discount, you need to bring to the local social security authority a receipt for payment of the debt or the document evidencing the debt restructuring.

By the way, from the debtors by a court decision can arrest apartment, car or any other property on account of debt. In the past year, says the lawyer Alexander Plahotnik in luck one of the debtors was arrested the apartment, and then sold it at a public auction. Homeowners do not pay for “communal” for many years. According to the law, said Alexander Plahotnik, to recover from the debtor can be “communal” in three years. The apartment has sold about 450 thousand hryvnia, 50 thousand took “office”, and the remaining amount was given to the owners of the sold apartments.

We will remind, at the moment, Parliament is considering the draft law “On housing and communal services”. The document must be taken for the work of the energy efficiency Fund. As noted by Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko, the bill is under constant monitoring by international partners of Ukraine. According to the Deputy Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on construction, urban development, housing and communal services of Alyona Babak, the bill is a moot point – the Ukrainian debts for communal planning are required to pay a penalty. There are penalties after the 20th of each month. So, if we defer payment for 10 days, you will have to pay 1% more (0.1% of the amount of debt a day).

Ukrainians waiting for a fee for gas, short heating season and new norms of consumption

The national Commission, which performs state regulation in the sphere of energy and komuslug, a few weeks ago suspended its decision to impose subscription fee on gas. After the introduction of fees cubic meter of natural gas were to fall from 6.8 to 6 hryvnia, moreover, each month would have to pay separately for the transport and distribution of gas (monthly fee) – from 38 to 288 USD. The amount depends on the type of meter and urban infrastructure. The majority of Ukrainians installed gas meters G4 (they account for 85% of total consumption). Kiev with such metering device was to pay a monthly fee of 67.2 hryvnia, without the counter – 44,8 hryvnia. In Kharkov fee amounted to 88,8 hryvnia with counter and 59,2 hryvnia without him. The average for Ukraine fee is 90 UAH. The most expensive in the Transcarpathian region, 204 of the hryvnia with the meter and 136 UAH without him.

The government criticized this decision including the fact that the subsidy to the monthly fee does not cover. In resolution No. 300 of the Cabinet provided a subsidy separately on “transportirovku and distribution” (so-called subscription fee) and separately for the gas. This means that after the national Commission reinstated the decision on the introduction of a subscription fee, Ukrainians subsidies for innovation do not feel on itself. To pay for communal, as before, will have a certain percentage of income (approximately 15% of total family income).

In the next heating season, the Ukrainians are in for an unpleasant surprise. The heating season for families who do heat their homes and apartments, was reduced to a month. If earlier the subsidy was accrued from October 1 to April 30 this year a discount will be given from October 15 to April 15. If you start flushing early – used for heating cubic meters of gas or kWh of electricity will have to pay.

In addition, the rate of heat consumption reduced, so that reduced the amount of subsidy. The new standard – 5 cubic meters of gas for heating per square meter – entered into force on the first of may. Last winter, the subsidy covers 330 cubic meters heating the apartment with an area of 60 square meters, in the next heating season “utilities discount” will charge only 300 cubic meters. If we continue to burn 330 cubic meters, 30 cubic meters have to pay without subsidies. According to the current rate is still 204 hryvnia.

In the apartment of the same area with Central heating grant will cover instead of 3.28 is only 2.5 Gcal of heat. If you do not reduce consumption, 0,7 Gcal will have to pay without subsidies. In Kiev, this amount of heat will cost about 1411 USD.