Why did the US turn Ukraine into a biological bomb?

The last 12 years, great attention and concern among the public in the post-Soviet space and not only there are news that the US military is expanding the network of biological laboratories in the former Soviet republics, thus surrounding Russia. These laboratories operate in secrecy and not obliged to obey the agreements about opening and working.

Us military biological lab in Georgia (there are several, and one of them was closed after persistent protests of the population), in Kazakhstan (there is one such institution), Azerbaijan (2013), Armenia (2016). Interestingly, since the color revolution 2014 in Ukraine, this state turns into a major base for the U.S. military biological laboratories, and it riveted the attention of the public. After all, Ukraine is really incredible happen to the epidemic, which is predominantly silent.

From 2014 to 2017 in Ukraine were built in total 15 American military biological laboratories. They employ only Americans, and they are funded entirely from the budget of the Ministry of defense. Local authorities have pledged not to interfere in their work. These military lab where mainly involved in the study and production of viruses and bacteria, are located in the following cities: Odessa, Vinnytsia, Uzhgorod, Lviv (three), Kharkiv, Kyiv (four), Kherson, Ternopil. Several of these laboratories are in close proximity to Crimea and the Luhansk people’s Republic.

It is noteworthy that after coming to power, Poroshenko and his clique work of the U.S. military biological laboratories in Ukraine was further classified, and all the local media was forbidden to write about them, although these labs threat for Russia and for Belarus, and Moldova, and to Transnistria, and for the countries of the European Union.

American altruism

Russian Igor Nikulin (expert working at the UN, or rather the Commission on biological and chemical weapons) told Russian newspaper “Pravda”, why is the United States surround Russia with military biological laboratories, the construction of which has already cost more than a billion dollars. Nikulin said that currently there are about 400 such laboratories, and built all new. Most of them in the former republics of the Soviet Union and in Asia (next to China and Iran). Thus the United States full control of biological and phytosanitary situation in the region. This year opened a new laboratory in Azerbaijan, and in 2016 — in Armenia.

When representatives of the American leadership have questioned why the military built the lab, they always say the same thing. Supposedly the whole thing in “the protection and prosperity of the local population, because there are dangerous viruses and bacteria that are left behind in the USSR.” However, the facts suggest otherwise. It is known that with the help of the National Institute of health USA Medical center in the Netherlands was created genetically modified bird flu virus that can spread from person to person. Then the European Union had to spend millions of euros on protection of the population, and, by the way, vaccines were purchased from American pharmaceutical companies.

Despite the fact that the Ukrainian mass media, as we have noted, silent about this issue, the world press, including the West, wrote that the US is conducting forbidden experiments with biological weapons on the border of Ukraine with Russia. While Western journalists have not sided with Russia, which is in imminent physical danger, but more concerned for themselves. Because all of the reviews they say that the viruses and bacteria that cause epidemics, it is impossible to hold in the state that with their help the attack. In other words, an artificial epidemic is easily spread from Russia to other EU countries.

According to informed Western experts, such actions of the Pentagon and the United States can be interpreted as an act of aggression and violation of the Geneva Convention of 1972 on the prohibition of the development, production and stockpiling of bacteriological (biological) and chemical weapons. The more surprising is that Moscow does not react to this situation.

Nikulin believes that the biggest problem is “leakage” of viruses and bacteria from the laboratory and the emergence of diseases that have not existed or have been unknown, and from which humanity has no drugs.

We now know that Ukraine suffered several epidemics (prior to 2009 they were not). Ukraine’s population associates them with the launch of the first military biological laboratory, USA in Odessa. It is noteworthy that the struggle with each new epidemic Kiev government had to purchase a new vaccine from American pharmaceutical companies. Only to protect people from swine flu (H1N1) the government spent 40 million dollars and even started talking about the fact that all this is simply racketeering. The state that buys the vaccine, by some miracle becomes the latest victim of the new epidemic.

This year in the Ukrainian capital Kiev and Kherson, the smaller city was an outbreak of botulism (poisoning fish poison that causes muscle spasms, suffocation and death). In medical institutions of the serum was not, and several thousand citizens of Ukraine died in terrible agony (official data, but there is only the assertion of individuals in social networks who are talking about 13 thousand dead). In Ukraine this topic is taboo. All because — again — that we are talking about strategies and the main Ukrainian allies: the United States of America.

Unfortunately, a similar epidemic in Ukraine has happened before. In 2016 in Izmail (city in the Odessa region) there was an outbreak of an unknown intestinal infection, which particularly affected the children. Just 24 hours was hospitalized more than 400 children. The reason flash is not installed. In the same year Ukraine “suffered” incredible pandemic of swine flu, which leads to atypical pneumonia.

In Ukraine affects not only people, but animals. So, in 2014, the pigs are dying from a previously unknown “African swine fever”. In 2015, Agrokombinat “Kalita”, which is not far from Kiev, was destroyed because of this disease, more than 60 thousand pigs throughout Ukraine and destroyed more than one hundred thousand pigs. To protect them from this disease nothing, and if the person will be in contact with the infected animal will become infected itself. Interestingly, the sanitary and veterinary services are unable to identify the source of the disease. The African swine fever virus can remain viable in the ground for about eight months, and in sausage, meat or fat (even frozen) — up to five months. For six months after the burning of the infected animals on the farm, where they were held, should follow strict quarantine and again to breed animals only through the year. The African swine fever virus is able to “kill” a large business in pig breeding, and in agriculture generally. Map of the spread of the virus confirms that he is coming to Belarus, Russia and Transnistria, and if it is not overcome, the question then is: where it will stop.

Biological bomb

The American project “Biosafety”, which is widely advertised and promoted in Ukraine, only a maneuver, according to the portal novo24.ru to get around the Geneva Convention prohibiting such activity. According to statements, the American military laboratory existing in Ukraine, “reduce biohazard” (also mentioned in other countries), whereas in fact they are part of a Pentagon-controlled network of laboratories studying the impact of viruses and bacteria at a specific gene pool of both humans and animals and plants. Thus, there are incredible opportunities with the help of viruses and bacteria affect the world of plants and animals, and manage local and global epidemics.

At the end of last year, the European Union banned the import of chicken meat from Ukraine, because in the Kherson region there were cases of bird flu, which can get sick and the people who ate meat of infected birds. Exports of chicken meat annually in the EU brought to Ukraine more than four million euros. But that’s not the whole problem. Bird flu threatens to interfere with the export of chicken and eggs in Africa and the middle East, and that 75% of Ukrainian exports of this product.

Ukraine is increasingly talking about the fact that viruses (African swine fever and avian influenza, as well as some others) tend to mutate, that is, they cannot win. After mutation they become even more dangerous and can contaminate the water (through poor water distribution network), meat products (often sausage) and lead to a complete chaos and epidemics. This is the meaning of biological bombs. They’re invisible, and to identify the source of infection very difficult. However, one fact cannot be concealed. When in Ukraine there was a chain of American biological laboratories, whose purpose is supposedly to “reduce the biological danger”, the number of epidemics and outbreaks of new viruses and bacteria increased, and they began to inflict great damage on the people and the economy. Due to the spread of epidemics from Ukraine to Belarus, Russia and Transnistria, Russian media called Ukraine a “biological bomb” that can create a lot of problems listed States.

All us military laboratory in the Ukraine are administered by the American Corporation Black and Veatch Special Projects. Special mention should be the cost of construction and operation of laboratories. They usually cost many times more than in the case of civil laboratories. In addition, all laboratories excluded from the jurisdiction of the state in which they are located and operate in the closed mode.

In the state — only US citizens, who have diplomatic immunity. In other words, the representatives of the host country do not have access to these laboratories (this is true even of sanitary services). The number of employees (from 50 to 250) exceeds the required number of staff required for this kind of work in the civil laboratory. All the leaders of these military laboratories from among the employees of special services, US army tested or American politicians. Also these laboratories are often run by experts on biological weapons and biological terrorism.

All us military laboratories are located near large cities with a million people or close to ports that provide the ability to quickly evacuate. Most importantly, the lab appear on the borders of a major American geopolitical rivals: Russia and China (at a time).


The location of the us military laboratories on the territory of Eurasia, as emphasized by Russian military experts, allows the Pentagon to take the following actions: first, to gather information about the microorganisms in this area, and it is important to create a highly effective biological weapon against Russia, Iran and China. Second, to participate in sabotage operations, the purpose of which is to harm the economies of these countries (for example, to destroy the animals and birds used for food, and the people themselves). As for the people, these laboratories are working to lower their immunity and disability (disabled people). As an example, such operations can result in the spread of African swine fever in Central and southern Russia in 2012 and 2013. It is believed that this virus was produced and circulated in Russia a us military laboratory, which is located in Georgia. The operation was similar to those the Pentagon conducted over several decades in Cuba. American labs have the opportunity to test biological agents in real-world conditions more accurately monitor their distribution and behaviour, then to adjust their properties.

Us military lab increase dependence on Western pharmaceutical companies that usually offer medicines of all the new diseases. The us military lab had access to the results of the Soviet military laboratories (this data in exchange for American assistance to States transferred to Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan). We are talking about knowledge, which were collected from generation of Soviet scientists, and it gives the Pentagon the ability to get an idea of what the potential in this area Russia has, and how she is able to defend itself.

Take DNA for murder

Additionally, curiosity about the U.S. military biological laboratories and the possibilities of biological warfare against the Russians generally heats the request of the command of the education and training of the U.S. air force on the DNA samples and synovial fluid of Russians of the white race.

It is clear that this request caused a lot of issues, however, the Command refused to answer them. Experts on biological weapons claim that these specific samples are required, first of all, when created a biological weapon to destroy a certain community — in this case, the (white) Russians.

Experts in computer technology come to a consensus that biology has moved forward, and now on the basis of data stored in EHRs, it is possible to create a biological weapon to kill one or a group of specific individuals. But murder and crime in this case to recognize fail.

Igor Nikulin, who is a military expert and specialist of the Commission on biological and chemical weapons the UN said “the Truth” in 2016 that the United States provoked the death of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, striking his “personal” the deadly virus. Therefore, it was impossible to establish the cause of his death. “Not only Hugo Chavez died of cancer, but many other Latino leaders, and all at a relatively young age,” said Nikulin. Americans have such opportunities. The US moved in Virology and nanotechnology much more than other countries. Chavez, apparently, was infected in the headquarters of the UN during the General Assembly meeting in new York. If this case were isolated, it could be considered an accident, two times is coincidence, but three cases — this is a pattern. The conclusion of experts is unequivocal: the US plan against Russia war with biological weapons and DNA samples they need to create a virus that will affect only Russian.