Why trump became Russia’s “unnecessary” partner?

Russian Internet newspaper RBC in one of the analytical materials and wrote the following: “by Signing the law that orders already entered against Russia and Russian sanctions, hints at the possibility of new sanctions and complicates the procedure of their review, the President trump tried to emphasize that he was forced to take this step. This is understandable: with record low ratings and lack of significant achievements for the first six months of his presidency, he had no opportunity to bargain with Congress unanimously configured in terms of anti-Russian sentiments in the establishment and the media.”

Relations with Russia: the “Achilles heel” of the White house


Donald trump clearly had not experienced much difficulty in expressing its opinion on the draft law on sanctions against Russia. He said he believes the law is counterproductive and disagree with some of its provisions. According to the U.S. Constitution, the foreign policy of the country as a whole is determined by the President, and if conditions were different, legal experts and lawyers, the White house launched a broad discussion about the legal validity and legitimacy of bills proposed by Congress.


However, in the current environment the balance of political forces in America have changed. In fact, the Congress has shown a clear distrust of the foreign policy of the United States, especially of what concerns Russia. The level of popular support course trump against Russia was at a critically low level. Only 30% of Americans supported his moves against Russia, and 66% of them strongly disapproved. In fact, the desire of the White house to improve relations with Moscow became his Achilles heel and deprived him of the opportunity to build policy, regardless of Congress.

Trump is not going to improve relations with Congress

Secondly, in opposition congressmen and Donald trump is the role of the personal factor. The President initially tried to establish its relations with Congress and elected officials-Republicans, and a few months after the inauguration of the trump eventually lost in this confrontation. If from January to March, the majority of Congress felt kind of concerns of the President and his group of supporters, among them now such alarms anymore. Trump is not impressive their hard speeches. As shown by the recent resignation of the White house, the President still does not see the need to solve the existing problems in relations with Congress and party, and intends to continue to lead his line in this confrontation.

Third, the dictation of terms to the President gives an opportunity to make its policy even more vulnerable. It’s been six months since joining trump in the post, “honeymoon” is over, and Congress opposes the new President. The apparent inability of the new Cabinet to take the necessary reforms and to implement positive changes — especially those that were expecting the business community. A large part of the reforms that he promised during the election campaign, have not been taken or are faced with serious difficulties in the review process.

The purpose of the Congress to punish trump and Putin at the same time

Legislators began work in conditions of when to convince the American voters of the success of the political course of the White house was impossible. It was much easier to accuse Russia of all the difficulties faced by the United States, rather than to resolve internal differences. They could not agree on the bill on health care, and then decided instead to adopt a law on sanctions against Russia. It is possible that in the next few years the main duty of the Congress will be thinking up “punishments” for Putin and trump. The idea in America is very popular and does not entail any costs. In fact it can help to kill two birds with one stone.

Relations between Moscow and Washington is poisoned

Now as you can see, right were those voices that called for more open and sincere negotiations between the White house and the Kremlin. Undoubtedly, a President who can not protect their own interests and to be successful in the internal Affairs of the country, there will be a reliable partner for other countries. Trump, who could not find a common language with voters and Congress, of course, there will be a proper party to negotiations with Russia. If earlier, the theme of Russia was “toxic” for the office of President of the United States, but now it has itself become a toxic factor in the relations between Moscow and Washington. Whatever wanted, and no matter how configured both parties, this relationship is doomed to further deterioration.