Why Pro-Russian tramp is forced to break off relations with Russia?

The evening of 2 August 2017, the President of the United States Donald trump signed the document, which did not want to sign is sanctions against Russia and three other countries. With regard to the package of sanctions “against Russia”, they officially became part of American law.

Why trump didn’t say “no”? After the signing, trump said: “it is Obvious that the adoption of these measures is a violation of the law,” “sanctions will not affect U.S. business and other mills”, “in the future, these measures will increase the gap in relations between the US, Russia, China and North Korea”.

So trump gives the impression of a “close friend of Russia”, especially noticeable when the President speaks negatively about signed the bill. July 30, Putin announced the intention to expel American diplomats 755. In September last year, Russia has reduced the number of Russian diplomats in the U.S. to 455 employees and announced the seizure of us assets in Russia.

Why “the hidden feelings for each other” the two politicians can’t control US foreign policy?

Congress against trump: either endless argument or pressure

After trump came to power, questions relating to the sanctions already caused a lot of controversy. Only in this issue American political circles surprisingly came to the same conclusion: the US House of representatives gave 419 votes “for” and 3 votes “against”, and in Congress there were only 2 votes against. Such unanimity in the political apparatus of the United States indicates that the sanctioning and suppression of Russia has become a political consensus in Washington.

The new sanctions cover such areas as: energy, military industry, banks and even the mechanism by which Russia “intervened” in the U.S. presidential election. The sanctions entered into force and, you may notice that this is the most ambitious and comprehensive sanctions against Russia in recent years.

It seems to trump couldn’t interfere in the imposition of sanctions against Russia was not trying to weaken or even cancel, the U.S. Congress decided to consider the procedure for the entry into force of the bill. In other words, if trump decides to use its veto, the House of Representatives, by a two-thirds majority of votes, will be able to reject to block him.

Because the legislature constrains the Executive, this reflects a deep distrust of the United States Congress to the President.

Suspicion “Rashahat” began during the elections. After the election trump President of the United States he still continued to blame the “flirting” with the Russian President. Because of these rumors the whole world has a vivid imagination and began an investigation, which was to answer one question: “”Rashahat” — is it true or rumors?”. Advisor on security issues, Flynn, it hasn’t been months since he took office, and already fell under the suspicion of links with Russia and was dismissed.

By signing the sanctions act, trump thus intends to compromise the system of separation of powers.


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Mutual deterrence the legislative, Executive and judicial powers reached deep equilibrium, and is the pride of American “democracy.” However, if branches do not agree, then begin a protracted controversy, or as it is now, regardless of who is right and who is wrong, the opposite party has no opportunity to return to this issue.

After the Buddha had to impose sanctions on Russia was evident, as “sanctions against Russia” increased the authority of the President.

Putin had hoped that Russia’s relations with the United States will become “warmer”, and finally “sharply cold wind blew”. Feelings and thoughts trump had become unpredictable.

In the end, speaking about the feelings of the individual, before trump “suddenly” was elected President of the United States, a businessman often openly expressed sympathy for the Russian President on Twitter. At the end of 2015 Putin also admired trump:”smart and talented person,” — said Vladimir Putin about Donald trump.

It is not surprising that after the election trump, some talking about the beginning of “honeymoon” in relations between Russia and the United States.


But as it turned out, this is just a dream. On August 3, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said new sanctions against Russia: “After the signing of the new law on sanctions against Russia, hope to improve relations with the White house have been lost.”

Obviously, trump and Putin carefully looking for the right moment.

For example, we all remember that at the end of 2016, Barack Obama, before leaving the presidency, was expelled from the country for 35 Russian diplomats. It was interpreted as “pressure” Obama to the next President. At the same time, Putin said: “Russia is not going to create problems for American diplomats, we’re not going to send out of the country. Besides, we will be inviting children of U.S. diplomats on new year’s eve in the Kremlin.”

It is obvious that Putin is very “tolerant” refers to what is happening and waiting for a “warm relationship” from trump. But everything is not so smooth.

After the inauguration of the “Rashahat” hanging over trump as a “dark cloud.” Trump entered the White house and was immediately faced with difficulties. Putin has repeatedly stated that he is ready to meet with the American President, but not yet had the chance. Finally, in early July, six months after the elections, in the framework of the G20 summit, the two presidents held a joint meeting. It is reported that the presidents held talks in a friendly atmosphere and meeting, originally scheduled for half an hour, lasted over two hours. The meeting between the two leaders once again gave hope for improvement in Russian-American relations.

Washington was extremely dissatisfied with this meeting

Has not passed also month, as America began to prepare for a new attack on Russia b has initiated new sanctions against Russia. Moscow, it seems, began to lose hope and decided to respond to the deportation of Russian diplomats from the United States. It seems that relations between Russia and the US become more strained.

Why do Pro-Russian tramp is forced firmly to break off relations with Russia?

“Beloved brother Putin” will not go against the public interests of the United States and its people. Relations between the two countries is very fragile, and in power trump is unlikely to change.


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It seems to peacefully resolve the issue or confront each other to the last — it’s the eternal dilemma in relations between Russia and the United States. Since the Second world war, the world split into two camps, and the aftermath of these events we have seen so far. Some believe that the United States never stopped trying to influence on the former satellite state of Yugoslavia, Georgia, and even to Central Asia. Three years ago, with the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, the patience of the “fighting people” (Russian) reached the endpoint. Putin struck a decisive blow in and annexed Crimea. The more he fought the Western Ukrainian armed forces, the braver they became. Contradictions in relations between Russia and the United States increased again. The West, under the influence of the United States, have imposed serious economic sanctions on Russia. This confrontation continues to this day.

I just assumed that the United States will cease to consider himself a hegemon, then immediately lost the need to search for “imaginary enemy”. The future of relations between Russia and the United States depends not on how to behave in Russia, but only from the strategic interests of Americans.

Therefore, after trump took the presidency between the Republican and the Democratic party began a serious struggle. But against Russia, both parties agree that the United States wants to take control of the middle East, and Russia in whatever was wanted to pull out this “nail in the eye.” America actively supports NATO, and Russia acts as the “imaginary enemy”.

Speaking of the United States, if the current President is really “Pro” and will do as he pleases, this cannot be tolerated.

Therefore, I believe that after trump, contrary to expectations, became President, the American media and political elite was stunned by the news, saying that the businessman “ordered sword of Damocles”. Despite the “Rashahat” if the sword is really there, while he hangs over the head one day. Unwilling impeachment trump would not dare to go against one of the main political leaders of the United States.

We can say that the suppression and confrontation, will be the basis of future relations between Russia and the United States. Regardless of that, it’s like Trump or not, he will not be able to change the state interests of the US and the will of the people.

The opposite relations between Russia and the United States are the relations between China and the United States. In fact, in the election campaign, many made China its target, but the Sino-us relationship is a huge magnetic field, relations between the two countries firmly fastened. Why? The main reason is that both States are indeed very powerful. Russia may cooperate with US only in the sphere of energy and military sphere, when the U.S. and China currently have the most powerful economies in the world, so the cooperation between the two countries more profitable. The Chinese every day to drink American Coca-Cola, are appliances Apple watch American movies. Americans every day are things labeled “Made in China”. The two countries not to hurt each other.

The interests of one powerful state, in fact, are the interests of the whole world. Because a strong state is also a part of this world, it is able to provide security, has good diplomatic skills, so to resist it is not profitable.