This is America destabilizie the Balkans, not Russia

Here already several times since the migration crisis, and the next, Angela Merkel showed their support for the Belgrade. She just wanted to reduce the institutional advantage of Croatia which is an EU member before Serbia, which is not a member. Wish Merkel to level position and to wrest Serbia from the Russian clutches. About this recently told us Vice President Penny in Podgorica. That’s probably their shared obsession.

In an interview with Wecare news says Hot Puhovski, the most influential Croatian political analyst. The question of how he sees the future of Serbian-Croatian relations, he replied: “there are disappointingly slow improvement. Again — disappointingly slow. These improvements is still lagging behind the objective needs. But both sides are more and more people who are not interested in nationalist conflicts.”

Puhovski asserts that Croatian-Serbian relations are improving, and confirms, in particular, the lack (until this summer) serious incidents on the Adriatic sea with the participation of Serbian tourists.

“Ten years ago, when the rhetoric that we hear even today, we would have had a dozen such incidents. But, apparently, the citizens of Croatia and Serbia is no longer susceptible to sharp rhetoric.”

— Wecare news: This affects the fact that this year about operation Storm is remembered in a peaceful atmosphere, and the evaluation, sounding from Croatia and Serbia, not as sharp as in years past.

— Hot Puhovski:
first, both sides got some kind of warning from Berlin, and the Croatian government was in a situation when it is no longer in control of Knin and forced to behave more cautiously than before. So, really, all limited to the negotiations at the highest level. And you have to remember that the parliamentary majority of the current government is very sensitive. Party SDSS and HNS not easy to “swallow” some things and depend on them a majority in Parliament.

— What is the situation with the Serbian side?

— There is also received a warning from Berlin, and the inaugural speech of Aleksandar Vučić, as well as all that followed, confirm the new President copes with the role of leader of what remained of Yugoslavia (excluding Croatia and Slovenia). Vucic decided to act like a statesman.

— We have already seen many examples of Serbian-Croatian relations have moved a step forward and did two ago. Are there any prerequisites to ensure that the chronicle controversy ended forever?

— Is. Because in the near future either, nor on the other hand is not planned elections, the leaders (Vucic and Plenkovich) can agree on everything, starting with the question on borders and ending with the fate of the missing. Remember one important thing, it is said Survived, about what you need to enable the former prisoners of camps to visit in Serbia those places where they were, although so far the Serbian side was not allowed to do. That sign now means a lot.

— Who will be the “main player” in the normalization of relations between Serbia and Croatia: Vucic, Plenkovich, Grabar-Kitarovic or Ana, Brnabic?

All ladies will play a lesser role — the first role will have Vucic and Plenkovich. Bad and good will be the result of actions Vucic and Plenkovich. Everything else is just a blank piece of paper, because the Croatian President has no capacity to affect the realization of what she was signing.

— Now again become relevant economic issues between Serbia and Croatia… How will they be addressed?

— For thousands of years between Serbia and Croatia going on a lively exchange, which stopped only because of the blows of heavy political artillery. That is, there applies a liberal model of “let it go”, and then the economic partnership will flourish, ranging from tourism to agriculture. There are certain difficulties, such as Todorich, but they peacefully resolved within the framework of Serbian-Croatian relations. It is important that governments adhere to the traditional liberal doctrine and did not interfere in the Affairs that do not interfere with each other.

— How Croatia can help Serbia to join the EU?

I think in the next ten years Serbia to join the European Union. Now the EU has no institutional capacity to accept new members, and it is unlikely that member countries reached consensus on the acceptance of anybody, except Montenegro. So, I think the first Montenegro will enter the EU in less than ten years. The rest will have to wait, and there will be different understandings on how you will go one with the other “in the Covenant”. It is also important how you will develop the Serbian-Kosovo and Kosovo-Serbian relations, how things go with Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

— What is the position in this regard is Croatia?

— Croatia should not do with Serbia as did Italy against Slovenia, and Slovenia for Croatia. No need to put a spoke in the wheel.

— How truly strong Russian influence in the Western Balkans, which is in Podgorica said Mike Pence?

— In the international arena is absolutely schizophrenic policy. It is best illustrated by the fact that the President trump the conversation with Putin reproached him that the Russians helped the candidate Trump to become the President of America. The question will be decided whether trump to continue the aggravation of relations with Russia. The Pens were saying that Russia destabilizie our region. The United States, because America is changing the face of the region, and most States understand this. Although Serbia is not until the end.

— If the international situation deteriorates, then how is a feel of South-East Europe?

— Problems arise if trump will begin to deliver on their promises, and if USA and Russia against China and the European Union. Then our entire region may be in a very difficult situation.

— How to develop the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina?

The only point of this dialogue is to pull it as long as possible to tension, the real results are not yet in sight. Now taking emergency measures, but no one has a concept that is acceptable to both sides, so the outcome is clear. There will be two independent States, which together will enter the EU, and their relationship will remain the same, that is, not too friendly. By the way, a similar example — the relations between Croatia and Slovenia. Membership in EU put an end to their conflict.