Was going to shoot down an American plane… At the last moment was detained

In Adana during a police operation was detained a Russian citizen associated with ISIL (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), who planned to shoot down an American plane in the area asiabiz Incirlik using drones, and later to commit a terrorist attack in one of the centers of the Association of Alevis.

According to the information received, the incident occurred near Basagac, ilche Seyhan. It is alleged that some time ago the citizen of Russia Renat Bakiyev was detained while trying to cross into Turkey from Syria via Kilis. Bakiyev, in respect of which the Prosecutor General’s office of the province of Kilis opened a criminal case on charges of “belonging to an armed terrorist organization”, had been deported.

But, as it was established the Office for combating terrorism of the province of Adana, a regional intelligence Agency and the National intelligence organization (MIT), Bakiev again arrived in Turkey from Syria to carry out attacks, and recently was wanted by the world court of criminal jurisdiction in Tekirdag due to the threat of crime.

According to information provided by the Office for the fight against terrorism and MIT, Bakiyev arrived in Adana and was going to make attacks here in respect of the Association of Alevis and American aircraft or military base in Incirlik.

As a result of operational work against the suspect, it turned out that Bakiyev is preparing to carry out attacks on behalf of terrorist organization ISIS, and to this end collects information in the city. Bakiyev was placed under close police surveillance.

Planned to shoot down an American plane by a drone

It was established that for carrying out a bloody terrorist attack in the centre of the Alevis in the square Basagac Renat Bakiyev led the exploration in the vicinity of this building on a rented bike. The police, who found that if Bakiyev fails to make the first attack and shoot down an American plane with a drone on the base in Incirlik, he could arrange an explosion at the location of the American military, moved to take decisive action.

Renat Bakiyev, keeping in contact with other members of the terrorist organization via messenger Russian-made Telegram and reported that he needed two thousand 800 TL for the purchase of a drone, was arrested during a police operation when he toured the vicinity of the center of the Association of Alevis.

In Syria, he has failed to attack US base

It became known that on interrogation in Management on fight against terrorism Bakiyev has admitted his membership in the terrorist organization ISIL, called the Alevis as “enemies of Allah” and said they should all be killed. In addition, all Muslims outside of ISIS, Bakiyev considers “infidels”.

Renat Bakiyev said earlier that the terrorists in the Jihad in Syria tried to attack the Americans, but to no avail. He also admitted that he was preparing to destroy an American plane by a drone on the base of Incirlik, and to this end data was collected.

Participated in meetings of the Foundation “Furkan”

For the time that Bakiyev was in the city, he, as admitted in the interrogation, participated in talks organized by the Foundation for education and assistance “Furkan”. “They also defend the idea of a Caliphate, so while I was here, I participated in their conversations. I listened to the speeches Kuitwa Abdullah (Abdullah Kuytul),” — said Bakiev.

Renat Bakiyev, who along with the Russian language at a good level fluent in English, Arabic and Turkish languages, after the inquest, which lasted for 13 days, on August 10 was taken to court.

Reader comments:

Seçkin: Fund “Furqan” — the first Jamaat will reprove the ISIS, besides it is in the list of death as not so long ago reported on the Fund — slander

Ali: Border — thoroughfare!!!

Boşver: I Think this guy is a Tatar

Rüstem: Typical KGB agent fully equipped. Even his face says: “I am the agent.”

hrn: the United States, he attacked, who are you trying to fool, boy? Still trying to justify the US is on its last legs, what do you say, let him not leave Allah

Hkn…: a puppet of the CIA, which is trying to incite Muslims, Shiites – Sunnis, to each other… would be at least a Muslim is a person who blasphemes my religion… What is his damn business, a heretic, a terrorist of American origin, agent provocateur… On interrogation in Management on fight against terrorism Bakiyev has admitted his membership in the terrorist organization ISIL, Called Alevis “enemies of Allah” and said they should all be killed. In addition, all Muslims outside of ISIS, Bakiyev considers “infidels”. So this suicide Crusader needs to give special, extra severe punishment for what he did not come to her senses and attempted a second time.

Mehmet: Expected one stone to kill several birds with one stone. Character — Russian, aircraft — American, place — Incirlik, that rascal, that the conspirators, NATO and Incirlik will bring Turkey’s misfortune. We need to get rid of this.

Ömer: United States using Turkish base, create a Kurdish state on our borders.