Al-Miqdad: Syria will not abandon its territorial integrity

Deputy foreign Minister Dr. Faisal al-Miqdad said the Syrian government will not compromise our principles in all that concerns the territorial integrity of Syria and its people, and will not give up 185 square kilometers belonging to the country lands.

During his interview for the BBC and Reuters, al-Miqdad added: “the Victory that will soon be achieved in es Sohne, will open the way to a besieged Deir Al-Zor, which does not receive food, water and medication and is rewarded with the reaction of those who call themselves the “international community”. We will move in the direction of Deir AZ-Zor and other areas. With regard to Northern, we regret to say that the situation in raqqa and North of the remains disappointing”.


The Deputy Minister added that, striking at Syrian army positions in Tape and Jabal Al-Tard and knocking down a Syrian plane, the so-called “international coalition” has proved the fact of his cooperation with terrorist forces. For this reason, those who claim to be fighting against terrorism not to attack the Syrian army and its allies who pursue the same goal.

As to supply the Syrian terrorist groups with weapons, al-Miqdad said, “We don’t want to quarrel with any of the States, especially in the current conditions.” He also pointed to the existence of secret U.S. programs to support the militants by which the armed groups have passed all the necessary chemical components, bombs, and shells. Al-Miqdad added: “We are pleased that this program has been discontinued, as we know from the media.” The Deputy Minister of the foreign Ministry drew attention to another fact: “the Known and the UK’s role in supplying weapons to militants. I believe that the presence of those chemicals that we found indicates that Western countries supply the rebels with chemical weapons, then blame Syrian government.”

Faisal al-Miqdad said: “After the unjustified attack of US forces at the air base Shirt, we would not be surprised by any hostile steps America committed unilaterally or jointly with the “international coalition”, which at the moment is bombing hospitals and killing innocent people in Deir AZ-Zor and raqqa, accusing the governmental forces”.

Deputy head of the Syrian foreign Ministry explained that the aim of the campaign waged against Syria, accompanied by accusations of use of chemical weapons is the excuse for those awkward actions that Western countries may implement in the future. All this is due to the fact that efforts to pursue our own goals, indicating that Israel is behind attempts to weaken the Syrian army and distracting its attention from the main struggle for the legitimate historical rights to the Golan heights and the occupied Palestinian land, have not given results.

It was also said that Russia and Syria daily coordinate their actions. As noted Faisal al-Miqdad, “regardless of, whether the given orders in Moscow or Damascus, their execution is happening in Syria. And those who help to preserve the unity of the country, the Syrian people, independence and sovereignty are our Russian friends. They took part in the events in Syria at the request of the Syrian authorities, because of respect for the sovereignty of the country. At the highest level between the parties is the coordination of all actions on a variety of issues, including technical, and we really appreciate that.”

With regard to the aspirations of some regions of Syria to hold elections to local authorities, al-Miqdad said: “If existing conditions allow someone in the clouds to think that this is possible, we want them to come down to earth. Of course, we do not recognize any of the local authorities, except those which have been approved by the Syrian leadership. There are specific conditions and local councils, which exist for a long time, but we do not recognize any of them, except those that aim to ease the life of people. Such bodies at the moment does not exist, and we study the situation of Russia and other interested parties to come to a common vision of the problem. Some groups had made requests, and they are being studied by the relevant departments taking into account the ideas about preserving the unity of the country. And let the dreamers will forget about the incarnation of their evil plans which will not lead to anything but further bloodshed that the Syrian leadership is committed to stop”.