The gospel vs. Harry Potter: what is the difference of God from Dumbledore, and Jude from Snape

Reading literary criticism on “Harry Potter”, you will definitely come across the theory that seminarie Rowling became the “Bible of our century”. Have kristallsaal this theory is a well-known critic Dmitry Bykov, and proof it as paradoxical, and, at first glance, convincing. To clarify, “Today” decided to talk about this with the priests.

To debunk the myth of “the gospel of Rowling” agree not everyone, after all the arguments Bykov in the spiritual world are considered to be a sacrilege. We’ve been looking for daredevil. To help agreed the priest of Odessa Holy Archangel Michael monastery, father Andrew (Prudnikov), and then only because is a regular commentator in our categories Sunday school, and because he… from Odessa. Only Odessa decides to debunk the theory of “the gospel of Rowling”: “For this reason there is an anecdote — meets father Andrew. — Language arts teacher asks the student what books Leo Tolstoy he knows. “Who is this?” — asks the student. In a semiconscious state teacher exclaims: “why?! Lev Nikolayevich! And Chekhov? And Dostoevsky?” “I don’t know them.” “But, maybe, Pushkin?!” — “First heard”. She’s in shock. Student priŝurivaâs ‘ unkindly, asks her: “Mary, you one-eyed prick?”. She answers: “No.” “And Edik from the second entrance, which sports motorcycle?” “No.” “Well, a Givi, which last year was sitting in jail?” “No, I don’t remember”. — “Well then you scare me with your gang?”. If man cannot rise to your level, it is necessary to descend and speak his language. So with this theory of “the gospel of Rowling”. If now clearer to speak about Christ through books by JK Rowling — well, let’s try”.

Dmitry Bykov, literary critic, journalist, writer, radio host and Andrey Prudnikov, Archpriest of Odessa Holy Archangel Michael monastery.


ARGUMENT 1. Dmitry Bykov: “There are three most popular works — the Bible, hamlet, don Quixote. They all end with the promise of the second coming. The book Rowling became the Bible of our century is no coincidence. It is the summing up of the century, during what the author called not only the new Dickens, but in a sense, the new Evangelist. This understanding of the books Rowling does not detract from the importance of the gospel, which, of course, more important than books about “Harry Potter”. Simply because of its absolute sacredness of the gospel had not yet been subjected to literary analysis and discussion. I dare to do it only in order to show why seminarie Rowling now is a major international bestseller”. In 2016, came the script for the play “Harry Potter and the Cursed child”, but the eighth book, he did not, and says nothing about Harry, and the children of the main characters of Harry Potter.

COUNTER 1. Father Andrew (Prudnikov): “to Call something a gospel — at least blasphemous. Although the “Harry Potter” can be talented and important work of the century. The gospel — pointer in the Christian life, is required reading for people living by the Spirit, describes the last years of his life our Lord Jesus Christ, where He prophesies of the salvation of man. “Harry Potter” to the salvation of the soul does not lead. More! I know a few deaths, when the children sat on the broom, jumped from the 5th floor, believing that you can lift yourself into the air, and a magic wand you can kill a man. There is a saying that Satan is God’s APE, he tries to mimic any creature of God. Because the name of the book Rowling the gospel — is precisely the substitution of concepts and “monkey” God”.


ARGUMENT 2: “the Fate of Harry Potter is a modern projection of the true Christian fate, — said Dmitry Bykov. — Recall that the Saga ends with the death and resurrection of the hero, and the hero is not perfect, but a doubting teenager. About the boyhood of Christ we know almost nothing — and now it is filled with the life of Harry Potter. The story of Christ is about how the Jews did not recognize their Messiah. Christ came to those who weren’t looking for it and not waiting. Harry Potter has come to know himself. The main drama of the hero — unawareness, not propianate his qualities. Learning that he is part of the great evil, Harry fights against evil in himself.

COUNTERARGUMENT 2: “once a Muslim told me: “We are ready to die for the sake of Allah” to which I said, “And Christians are willing to die for Christ,” says the father Andrew (Prudnikov). — About the same difference as Harry Potter from Jesus Christ. Potter protecting Hermione, Ron Weasley and the rest, stealing, perjury. But the reader justifies this by the fact that Harry tried to kill. The Lord is to be crucified, not afraid of death, not responding to violence with violence and not ashamed of it! When Jesus was arrested in Gethsemane, one of the disciples pulls out a sword and cuts off the ear of the guard, Jesus says: “Put your sword into his place: for all they that take the sword, perish by the sword. Or do you think that I cannot now pray to My Father, and He shall presently give Me more than twelve legions of Angels? How can the Scriptures be fulfilled, that thus it must be?”. Angels immortal beings, ready to protect its Creator at His command so that none of the people is not something that is 100 thousand kilometers to Jesus came! The Lord is to be crucified not for Bob and Pete, and for all the people who were before the resurrection of Christ, and for those that will to the blood wash away the original sin of man, so that people have the opportunity to inherit the Kingdom of heaven on merit.

In the gospel the Lord says: “he Who is without sin cast the stone”. And each thinks, and how do I open my mouth when I sin, as the watchdog of fleas. And I want to give an example, when Harry Potter kills spells. In the gospel Satan is affected by the mercies of God. When Satan says, “Bow, and I’ll give you a princedom”, the Lord says: “Only God is one worship Him alone and serve”. Thereby giving a clear direction. The gospel teaches repentance, tolerance. How is it possible to compare the sacrifice of a sinless man who took upon himself the sins of the whole world, with a boy who is part of the soul Volan de mort? Remember, the book Volan de mort divided his soul into several pieces, put it in a Horcrux one of the Horcruxes — Harry Potter. How can you compare the sacrificial mission of Christ with even a talented product?! What’s the appeal? To shout: “Harry Potter, Hallelujah”?

The Lord God gives us free will, including the ability to read any book. But this does not mean that you can climb to the sacred. Even non-religious people will not be able to put the pan on the Bible. Let’s distinguish between what can and what can not be touched with hands. I have a childhood friend, he’s a fan of heavy metal. When I put him next, he grimaces: “Andrew, turn that off, please!”. And I turn off. There are things that any man calls saints, even the unbeliever, the picture of mother or first love — and invade it. For such things beaten face. Once his Beatitude Vladimir (Sabodan) to the question, what is not there in the post, said: “do Not eat each other”. His theory Mr. Bykov starts eating my sacred and Holy the millions of believers who wash their hands before taking the Bible”.


ARGUMENT 4: “IN the gospel we see the Father. It is present exclusively in the views of contemporaries, — says Dmitry Bykov. — Jesus Christ is fatherless, it is said in the poem Inna Kabashev. Because the logic of God are we looking for on a tangent. In the “Harry Potter” this takes the role of Dumbledore. The whole story is a big game Dumbledore. At the end of each book, Dumbledore puts points on the I. Everything is decided by free will. Dumbledore brings Harry Potter, he can make a mistake. It is absolutely mysterious character — you can always blame everything on God. Any attempt to understand the divine will get the exclusive tediousness. We don’t know what God wants. In addition, Dumbledore always says: “I Believe so” and generally says hints of how the Christ — parables.”

CONTRAIREMENT 4: “to Compare dexterous manipulator, which Dumbledore called his own brother, a God is incorrect, — said father Andrew. — Dumbledore twisted a Potter as they wanted. So sometimes people mistakenly think that God manipulates them, especially when they get into some kind of conflict. Ask: why did God allow this horror? Some complete freedom of choice, understand as a call for permissiveness. Want, darling, let’s legalize same-sex marriage? Or are going to sunbathe naked on the beach, where there are children? These issues kill the conscience. And after that, the conscience disappears, the concept of morality. What is morality? This is a public framework for the conduct and statements, actions and conclusions. The disappearance of these frameworks turns a man into a monster more dangerous than the most dangerous predator. A predator kills to eat, but the immoral man kills and robs just.

Democracy is not permissiveness, but only the ability to Express their thoughts. How does the Bulls now, as I do. If Mr. Bykov said something inappropriate, for example, under Stalin, we would never even know where and how quickly he was shot. And now a democracy. We can speak to discuss. But in any case we must not confuse charisma with scrambled eggs. For a comparison of the literary character with the Lord is the destruction of the moral and ethical framework. When Sienkiewicz came to the island, where all go naked. The next day, Sienkiewicz comes in the blood, the bruises. “What beat you?” — “But for the fact that ashamed to go dressed”. Sienkiewicz had violated their ethical standards, for whom it is written: “do Not get — will kill”.

Not to say that people are puppets that God plays. Each of us is given absolutely everyone an individual — appearance, fingerprints, soul, taste. God calls us to make a choice in favor of good, but not make it to do, the devil encourages us to make a choice in favor of evil, but also not forcing you to do it. Each of us has free will — do what you want, live as you please, but then answer. And I believe like many people that applies the boomerang effect: what you threw, then you ago and came. You with the world and people, and the world and the people with you. If you have spotted the gloves on the tram, think about who you hung yesterday. And if you think that the world does not love you, because the bullies snatched from you a handbag — think about who you destroy on the job, etc. But if you think that the Lord does, as Dumbledore, and that “a big game”, is a call to “neutered” way of life. And accepts the position who doesn’t want to do anything new, and thus justify their laziness and inaction. They say, don’t touch me, give to live on your grant, plopping down under the TV. God gave man the choice. Choose who in your understanding God is the Lord… or Dumbledore.”


ARGUMENT 4: “throughout the history of civilization we are witnessing the crystallization of evil, — says Dmitry Bykov. I’m sure such books appear on the big historical fractures. The emergence of the Gospels coincided with the fall of the Roman Empire. And throughout the Gospels and the acts of the apostles evil has no specific carrier. Satan is mentioned in passing. There is no specificity, why it feels as if there is no Volan de mort, and the devil, there is one whose name can not be called. Like dissolved the evil in the world. God the Father, God the Son, and the evil dissolved. And Pilate, and the scribes, and the Pharisees are too shallow for the crystallization of evil. Pilate is guilty of cowardice that washes his hands. The publicans and the Pharisees — too insignificant tool of this evil. The devil is mentioned only where he tempts Christ, asking his three terrible question. In the book Rowling for the first time the evil is incarnated in a concrete entity.

The twentieth century for the crystallization of evil has broken all records. When the evil can be named (Hitler, Stalin), when he gathered all the Horcruxes. In the book, Rowling illustrates the behavior of evil — the desire for absolute simplicity. What was the first reform Volan de mort after the purported death of Harry? Abolished hat, which distributed students. Why? One fist, one nation, one leader. This model is not just authoritarian, and extremely simplified world. The devil is a legalist, because everything obeys the same law. His law. Rowling tries to reflect on fascism. Tolkien also tried, but, for me, failed. In Tolkien’s heroes are either black or white. But one thing they have in common with Rowling — these worlds say about the triumph of complexity over simplicity. That you can’t select and share, not one size fits all. Because all of these epics say about the splits. In the gospel of Matthew Jesus says: “think Not that I came to bring peace on the earth; not peace I have come to bring, but a sword.” And there’s no sword (magic wand) will not understand. Any attempt to make archaic foundations (purity of blood, nationality) in the modern world ends with war.”

CONTRAIREMENT 4: “I HAVE two objections, — said father Andrew. First — read the Apocalypse. More vivid and specific description of the parish there is no Satan in the world literature, to call the Bible literature. Second, Tolkien also prescribes evil very clearly. He is the Creator of the no less mythic world than Harry Potter. There are people who consider themselves to be elves and dwarves, but none have encroached to call Tolkien the author of the new Bible.”


ARGUMENT 5: “FROM the outset, the role Judas plays Snape, — says Dmitry Bykov. — Yugopotamia the characters are often turned inside out and become almost good hostage situation. Who would believe before the end of the sixth volume that Snape has an excuse? It turned out to be Dumbledore asked me to kill him, as he was terminally ill. That Snape bullied the father of the Potter, that all his life he loves his mother Harry. He teaches Occlumency and is part of Dumbledore’s plan. And this ambivalence of evil in “Harry Potter” scares. Even Draco Malfoy is the justification in such a family, poor guy, was born. And certainly we have an excuse for Judas, who betrayed in the framework of the Divine plan. In General Leonid Andreev brought the theory that without the betrayal of Judas would not have Christianity. Just because Christianity arose because of the resurrection of Christ, not the betrayal of Judas! An attempt to justify Judas is a very heinous and inevitable part of human psychology.

The gospel brought to the world an unprecedented degree of freedom. That man is “possible”, not “not permanent”. Good news from Tolkien: “Now good things are done by young people.” Good news from Rowling: “Anything evil will not work, and the triumph of complexity over simplicity is inevitable”. Welcome to invincible, while it is identical to the development. The process of growing, complexity is the main occupation of man on earth. And books Rowling say that the simplification of the (evil) will not win ever. Evil is always primitive, because it is not able to negotiate. The death eaters are terrified of and that substitute each other. Another thing: the world will give up absolute power, from sticks of invisibility cloaks, because any power is another limitation. Dumbledore said Volan de mort: “You never understood that there are things stronger than death, and that’s your weakness, Tom.” “Your death is insufficient, I expect you to repentance,” saith God in the gospel. But Dumbledore does not wait for repentance from Volan de mort, but knows that love is stronger than death because it runs through the terrible crucible of testing, after which death is not so terrible.”

CONTRAIREMENT 5: “the Figure of Snape is far from the figure of Judas, or rather Judas to Snape very far, — said father Andrew. — Snape sacrificed his life to save Harry. Judas sacrificed his life in order to refuse repentance and the way of Christ. He had become like Jesus. He madly wanted power. Money, power, position — that’s what Judas wanted. His betrayal is not that he hugged and kissed Christ, and in that, after passing through the desert with Christ, he has made a choice: “I’m leaving, I swear, this isn’t my Creator.” I would suggest, in fairness, to read not only the “Potter” but also the gospel.”