An American who has visited every country in the world, shared his impressions about Ukraine

American Cassandra de Pecol recently finished his record-breaking trip around the world. A year and six months, she visited all 196 countries of the world! And one of the most vivid impressions she has left from Ukraine, where she was for almost three days, fell in love with our people, nature, and food.

TWO OF THE RECORD. His circumnavigation of the 27-year-old American has broken two Guinness Book record. First, she traveled all of the country two times faster than his compatriot Professor Liu who spent three years and three months. And secondly, Cassie became the first woman that was able to document their achievement. Its a crazy journey Cassandra conceived in honor of its 25th anniversary, and dreamed about it since high school. Making the route, she decided to report it to Instagram, calling his trip, Expedition 196. Starting in 2015 from American Portland, Cassandra visited 58 countries before entering Ukraine.

THE SEA AND THE PEOPLE. Train from Moldova she arrived in Odessa, which struck Cassandra so much that she called her “one of the most favorite cities on the planet.”

The traveler visited the seaport, walk on Deribasovskaya street and admired the kindness of the local. “After embarrassingly large cities Odessa seemed perfect. History, nature, cobbled streets and as a bonus — the beautiful sea. I was happy here and even found my favorite restaurant, wrote the traveler in his blog. — The Ukrainians — great people. Odessa citizens have always smiled when I spoke to them in English. I have not heard from them short answers: the people here are very open and always willing to help.”

According to her, unlike many other countries, in Ukraine, Cassandra felt very comfortable. “Here I had not pursued, and as a woman I have not experienced any harassment”, she added.

MUSEUM AND SOFIA. After Odessa Cassandra went to Kiev, where the first thing I visited on St. Sophia square. “After visiting the Cathedral, I felt calm and inspired. I decided to stay in Kiev overnight to visit the other places force you to stay here longer,” writes the American.

The next day, de Pecol went to Pirogovo, in order to get acquainted with Ukrainian history and traditions. I specially loved Cassandra’s called the national dish. By the way, she tried not just dumplings, and painted in blue and yellow.

“I can’t tell you what there is varied cuisine. You should try it! Pies, pancakes, dumplings, cheesecakes with sour cream, borscht, cabbage rolls — I fell in love with Ukrainian cuisine and will definitely come back here,” said Cassandra.

But there were unpleasant impressions. For example, the road to the capital lasted about 11 hours. “On the train all night drowned, and the Windows would not open. So in the morning I felt shattered. Kiev railway station was crowded with people. I had to stand an hour in line to find out that the box office accepts cash only,” added Pecol.