Schoolgirl disfigured classmate, Bay acid in her musical instrument

At school in Haddington, United Kingdom, occurred an acid attack. One of the students — 18-year-old Emily Bowen, who had a beef favorite school Molly young — decided to teach her a lesson by using a purifier that eliminate blockages in the pipes.

Emily waited until the auditorium where rehearsals were held on the school band, nobody left, and filled the box Molly purifier. Entering the room, Molly felt a strange smell, but didn’t think that she was waiting for some danger. In the end, opening the box, she spilled the liquid on his feet – “life”.

The girl in the horror looked down and saw how spread her tights. She soon felt a terrible pain and fell to the floor, was in agony. The victim was taken to Edinburgh Royal infirmary and then transferred to the plastic surgery Department of St John’s hospital in Livingston. Unfortunately, the burns were too strong on his feet and Molly will forever remain a terrible scar.

The injured schoolgirl

All this time Emily Bowen were hiding in the school hallway. There she found several hours later sitting on his haunches. The girl was found guilty, despite the fact that Emily has autism, and depression.

“You have to understand that at the present time, there is real public anxiety and fear of the use of this terrible substance. With great regret I came to the conclusion that nothing but imprisonment is not appropriate,” he turned to Emily Bowen judge O’grady. The girl was sentenced to 21 months of prison without the right to any contact with Molly young.

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