Doctors called the ideal age for the birth of the child

Women who are afraid to be late with the birth of a child and in a hurry to do it as early as possible, risk to live less than those who give birth after 30, reports “Orthodox”.

To such conclusion came the scientists from the University of Coimbra in Portugal.

In long-term studies, scientists have found a relationship between age of women who give birth for the first time, their health and propensity for longevity. It turns out that those who have felt the joy of motherhood at a more Mature age, lived longer than women who gave birth in adolescence or up to 30 years.

Those who gave life to the firstborn at the age of 33 and later in three times more likely to show genetic markers associated with longevity than their younger “colleagues”.

The scientists also found another interesting fact: women who gave birth after 30 years, had the best health. But the worst indicators of physical condition at this age is manifested from the subject, who first became mothers in the 15-24 age group.