Bruce Willis and “whitening” of black crime

What was the Bruce Willis “bother”? He wish to remove “bleached” a remake of the 1974 film “death wish” Charles Bronson could just put together a few commercials about home security systems, in which white criminals terrorize the poor and helpless homeowners.

But the reality is different from the content of the trailer for the new film with his participation.

This time Bruce Willis plays the role of a doctor named Paul Kersey from Chicago who returns home and finds traces of hacking, the dead wife and the wounded daughter.

The police, in their own words, powerless, and Bruce decides to get even with the murderers. And in the process kills a few more people. Since we have already released a pirated version of the film I have, will have to rely only on the trailer, and in him first shown us criminals in Chicago… white.

In Chicago the illegal entry into a dwelling are no different from those in the rest of the country. And they are always black. White, of course, also break into the houses, but the exceptions only prove the rule, as in the case with rapper Eminem.

A clear demonstration of this can be any selection of recent news stories, many of which I retain on your YouTube channel and even made my own playlist.

Some fatal a few days ago in Miami five black stormed in with guns in someone’s house and killed one of those young people.

Others are simply absurd: recently in Fort worth, a group of blacks broke into the house of a prominent lawyer and his wife, waking them at 3am. One of the guys took the man to nearby ATMs to withdraw cash in the amount of $ 4,000, while the other held the woman hostage. At first, they intended to kill the couple, but then decided just to steal their car.

The next day the wife told the local TV about how much he wanted to talk to hackers and, of course, “did not intend to spoil their life,” sending to prison. After all, the culprit — poverty.

What a wild inconsistency with the whole history of the crime of black against white? She didn’t mind, so value it had.

Some of the stories end with ironic: this happened two years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the house of a Federal judge, Susan Dlott and her wealthy husband, a lawyer (the history of break-ins and attacks of blacks on whites rich — my favorite) — and Yes, I have been humbled with their own gloating in such matters.

Judge Dlott found fame in the early ‘ 90s when, as a Clinton appointee, issued the first Federal ban on racial discrimination. She stated the need to stop the unjustified attacks white cops to black citizens.

The document was quoted in many of the trials of this format. A local newspaper wrote that she was holding the future of race relations in Cincinnati.

But the story was not the best way. Or for residents of Cincinnati, either for the family most judges.

Ms. Dlott and her rich and very liberal husband enjoyed life in his mansion — the largest in the city, when three black males broke into the house demanding to give them all the money and valuables.

While the robbers were busy beating 79-year-old man and pushing him down the stairs, judge Dlott escaped into the woods and ran a mile in search of a phone.

Today we have the opportunity to learn the contents of her call to 911 asking for help, and the first thing she said were the words of three black men breaking in to her house with guns.

Then she repeated it.

Here is the prohibition of discrimination.

Some stories end in the most unexpected places, as, for example, a case that occurred recently in cedar rapids, Iowa. Erin Gerringer friend and I were watching TV when three men armed with guns black men broke into the house, beat her senseless and robbed of both.

And as I write this, police are searching the woods in pursuit of four armed black men, hiding after robbing a house in Hawthorne that under Jacksonville. Both stories can be read here.

As Bruce, a local TV station cedar rapids the capture of the criminals are important not in order to show us the colour of their skin. Or to tell you that in Iowa, a thriving black crime. And here is Erin on his page on Facebook told about it.

Hero Bruce Willis in the new film don’t seem too concerned about the “whitening” of black crime. Bruce and not just peers — we grew up just a couple miles from each other: he in the South new Jersey and I was in Wilmington, on the other side of the Delaware river.

We even went to the same club, the Crescendo, but Bruce was slightly more popular among beautiful ladies, than your humble servant, correspondent.

Everyone our age lived in this district, was daily reminded of the existence of hatred and violence by black against white. Whether in the new mixed school, or near a recently built, in accordance with article 8 of the housing Act of 1974, the district or the local public swimming pool, Price’s Run, where those who worked there as a lifeguard Joe Biden was saying about the violence of blacks against white citizens.

Many years later, Biden again raised this subject at the Congress of the National Association for the advancement of colored people (NAACP), and even thanked a black person who covered and saved him from racial violence.

Eli Roth, the Director of “death wish”, and part-time and Executive consultant on the script of the film, always enjoyed white privilege, being the son of a Professor of psychiatry at Harvard and artist with a world name.

They lived in “white” areas, socialized with white people and send their children to white schools, but I knew that every white American — but themselves — are responsible for the existence of the problem of “white racism.”

Eli learned well the lessons of his youth.

Bruce and Eli might be able to sell us a story about white crime, but a growing number of people are aware that this kind of departure from reality — no more than a new Chapter of the greatest lies of the current generation: Lies about the persecution of blacks.

It is good to get movie. Ask judge Dlott.


Colin Flaherty is an award — winning writer, whose work has been published in thousands of publications worldwide including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Miami Herald, Washington Post, Bloomberg Business Week, Time magazine and others.

Best-selling author of “do Not get angry Teens: Lying about the persecution of blacks, white girls heavy bleeding: the Return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it”.

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