Powerful motor in a casual style: the pros and cons of the updated Infiniti Q70

For cars with powerful engines and sporty appearance I, frankly, viewed with suspicion: the consumption of large, goes too sharply, bringing discomfort to neighbors downstream. Infiniti Q70 but I liked it. He is not athletic, but very dynamic, respectable and comfortable. Like the business suit of a businessman, but not a classic for official receptions, and in casual style. Emphasizes a focus and the price: 40 thousand dollars among premium brands in the business sedans are almost there. And here for the money, there are led headlamps with adaptive front lighting system (AFS), interior of leather and wood, a system Keyless control door locks and ignition, dual-zone climate control, heated steering wheel, front seats with heating and ventilation, soft-close-automatic tailgate and many other pleasant trifles, which can be very long. However, not without drawbacks. But about all under the order.

ERGONOMICS. Salon called the dual sensations. On the one hand, expensive materials and lots of options, on the other — a disreputable design of the instrument panel. I would even call it teenage. For example, graphics on-Board computer resembles the interface of computer games, and early 2000s. Clock to the center torpedo is uncomfortable: try to understand what time is. Individual controls are hidden near the knees. Plus fit specifically low. Not like a business sedan, but rather as a sports car.

Add a sense of sportiness and hard seat. This is not a drawback: for those who love to drive fast, be in a rush. I adjusted them so they were softer — for a relaxed driving. But what like is the quality of each element of the salon. For example, it’s not just dual-zone climate control, a regime of cleaning and air ionization. By the way, the rear passengers have their own control climate control and separate infotainment centre with seven-inch screens in the headrests of the front seats and two pairs of digital wireless headphones, and more — electric adjusting the sofa.

But the 500-litre boot is disappointing. It has a hatch for long sports equipment, and he himself is quite receptive. But the opening is small by itself, but the backs do not develop. It turns out that a long journey, this car will not go. In addition, there is electric drive of the lifting and lowering of the trunk, although there are soft-close-automatic. Strange and uncomfortable decision.

Salon. Fit is smallish, as in sports cars.

IN MOTION. From a car with an engine capacity of nearly 4 years waiting for that car to explode. However, this fortunately did not happen: the acceleration was quite confident and calm. But that’s only if you gradually press the gas pedal. Worth it to hit like a solid sedan explodes, leaving behind all the neighbors downstream. It is especially nice to drive it on the track, where can I get a real buzz from overclocking.

Maximum speed — 250 km/h. And at speeds above 140 km/h did not have any discomfort: the car follows the driver’s commands. Since the drive automatically becomes full (on-Board computer decides when to activate, based on the traffic situation), even on turns and / or car, and even in the rain it accelerates with ease and confidence.

Box works so well that soon you know: the paddle shifters are simply not needed. Except on difficult ascents or descents in the ice. That’s the theory, but in practice not useful. One drawback to drive fast — very soon needed replenishing, since the consumption in this mode is as much as 16-18 liters per 100 km. But in principle the car is not for those who believe money: even in the economy mode, in which it is going annoyingly slow (when activated, the gas pedal “dubeet”, the steering wheel becomes soft), it turns out not less than 12 liters per hundred. In standard mode, be prepared to spend about 14-15 liters.

In Ukraine for some reason is not offered on the diesel version, where the flow would be better. But I specifically inquired: gasoline engine of this type is familiar to installers of LPG, so the problem is partially solved.

Handsome. Classic stylish appearance.

A BET ON SAFETY. The car is equipped with the electronic guardian angel Safety Shield. The system includes the function of maintaining the distance, the prevention and suppression of exit lanes and collision detection of objects in blind spot mirrors and approaching from the side when reversing, as well as intelligent cruise control for movement at low speeds.

In motion, constantly feel Intrusive guardianship, which in the early days even the order of annoying. And the wheel has a special button that takes the Safety Shield at the ready, when the system intervenes in the actions of the driver. For example, came too close to ahead standing car and “semidesyati” she stops. Gave the gas too abruptly — and immediately tightened the seat belt. Helps function and reverse Parking with the exception of the Parktronic collision with invisible obstacle.



  • Spectacular appearance
  • Quality materials salon
  • The presence of an active complex security system Safety Shield
  • On the petrol version is easy to install LPG
  • Box works very well, torque is automatically


  • Undignified graphics electronic interfaces
  • Too much consumption of fuel
  • In Ukraine does not offer diesel version
  • Not folding the seatback
  • There is no electric raising and lowering of the trunk